Properly performed massage not only helps to relax, but also fights with some rather unpleasant diseases. Since these procedures are necessaryBack massagecourse, which is not cheap, many begin to practice pleasant treatment at home. Most often in such conditions, a back massage is performed. How to do it right?

First of all, you need to prepare for the procedure. You can use towels, massage oils or other similar products, as well as a place for a massage.

If all listed components are ready, you can begin to conduct a back massage. How to do it, where to start? Prepare the skin, apply on it a cosmetic in sufficient quantity. Begin to knead the lower back, rising from the waist along the spine almost to the level of the shoulders. Movement should be confident, but at the same time smooth, pressure on the skin of medium strength. You can also alternately change the direction of the massage: first from the bottom up, then from the top down. Do not forget to stretch the area of ​​the neck and forearm.

Back massage at home requires certain skills. It will be necessary to master the so-called circular technique. With its help it turns out to work out specific problem areas. Do not forget to also be guided by the opinion and feelings of your patient.

So, what else does the back massage involve? How to do the second part of it? Excellent relax moderately strong strokes with the back of the palm on the sides, on both sides of the spine. They can be chaotic, changing direction. Alternate such movements with smoother strokes or tingling. The latter option is recommended to perform without fail. At the end of the procedure, slide the arms along the entire back.

For a successful conclusionthere are several secrets to remember. The procedure should not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes to avoid unnecessary stress. Concluding actions should not be performed too actively, it will be good if the muscles completely relax.

Separately it is worth highlighting the question of how to do a back massage to a man. This procedure is in principle very intimate and can bring romanticism to the relationship between lovers. A great role will be played by the external atmosphere. To create it may need such auxiliary elements as aromatic candles and discs with pleasant music. To increase the effect of intimacy, you can turn off the light and create around the twilight.

Really, a good way of treatment is a back massage. How to do it so as not to cause harm? In fact, it is almost impossible to harm health with back massage at home. In this area, there are very few biological points, and the available ones are protected by dense skin. It is also worth noting that you can not only choose your own movements, but also regulate the force of impact.