People with disabilities

Medical care for the elderly over 80 years

Care for the elderly over 80 years often falls on the shoulders of people close to them. Therefore, in such a difficult final period of life, it is important to ensure maximum care and attention combined with tolerance, sincerity and benevolence. Registration of care for an elderly person can be carried out in several ways: it is a will, a gift contract, the conclusion of a life-long contract.

Silent people: causes of silence

Deaf-mutes are not so rare in the human community. According to statistics, 0.4% of the total population of the Earth suffers from such a defect. Where less often there are only silent people who hear and understand speech, but are not able to respond. And this phenomenon is much more interesting than the absence and ability to hear, and the ability to talk.

Barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility

Habitat is a combination of conditions and elements that are necessary for human life. Some of them can be indifferent, without others it is impossible to exist, and still others can have a negative impact. Therefore, it is difficult to live in a modern society to people who have limited mobility. Especially if the optimal barrier-free environment is not created. Let us consider in more detail.

People with disabilities who have succeeded (photo)

If you drop your hands and do not have the strength to conquer another peak, remember historical personalities and contemporaries with physical disabilities, famous for the whole world. Call them disabled only language does not turn. People with disabilities who have succeeded, show us all an example of courage, fortitude, heroism and purposefulness.

What functions should the nurse attend

To the services of the patronage sister are increasingly being treated in a variety of situations. There are both paid services of patronage, and those who carry out their activities on a gratuitous basis. A qualified specialist will help not only in caring for the seriously ill, but will also provide psychological support to his relatives.

Wheelchair lifts

People with disabilities face daily a lot of problems that are simply invisible to a healthy person. One of the biggest problems for a wheelchair handicapped person is an obstacle like a ladder. At present, buildings, whether residential or social, are designed to meet the needs of all population groups. They provide for such a device as a lift for disabled wheelchair users.

Parking rules in Moscow for disabled people

Since 2012, car parking in the center of Moscow is a paid service. But there are some categories of citizens who have the right to do this for free. They include people with disabilities. What are the rules of parking for people with disabilities in Moscow - we learn in more detail.

Disability in vision: how to design it

Full or partial loss of vision enables a person to register a disability in sight. To begin with, it is worth noting that a person with a persistent health problem who is associated with some kind of defects, injuries or is a consequence of a serious illness

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