Treatment of a number of diseases by bee

Beespine is one of the means of traditional medicine. Most of all it happens in the apiary in the spring. This phrase denotes the dead bees. Their corpses should not be thrown out indiscriminately, as it is a valuable material that can be used for medicinal purposes. On the other hand, it is necessary to use not all of the scallop, but only one that has been preserved well, fresh, without signs of rotting, appearance of mold and decomposition. In the winter, it is usually thrown out of the hive along with the rest of the garbage. And during the spring audit of the bee families, the scum is, as a rule, kept clean and fresh. Incidentally, the feces of the inhabitants of the hive do not cause any harm or danger.

To separate bee from any garbage, it should be sifted through a colander. Then it must be dried in the oven on low heat or on an electric heater. Treatment with bee soup is performed using water and alcohol infusions from this material. Let's talk about how to make them.Earlier, the dried scum should be filled with vodka in the proportion of 1 tbsp. l. on 200 ml. Three weeks in a dark container to withstand this mixture. The first seven days of the fluid must be shaken daily, and then after two or three days. In this mixture, you can still add crushed eucalyptus leaves (10% of the weight of the sink itself). The resulting product should be stored tightly closed in a dark place. Treatment with bee soup should be performed with complete refusal of alcohol.

Water tincture is prepared in this way. Pour two tablespoons of salt under 0,5 liters of cool water. Bringing to a boil, you have to cook for two hours. The finished product in the refrigerator can be stored for up to two weeks. However, it is better to use it within three days after manufacturing. Treatment with bee soup will be much more effective if the body is cleansed before the wellness course. It is necessary to put enemas within one month. Tinctures and decoction of the spoof are devastating for a variety of internal parasites of the body - spirochetes, lamblia, streptococci.

Very useful substance

The main active substance in the material is chitin. It has a very beneficial effect on immunity. In addition, chitin inhibits the growth of carcinogenic cells, optimizes the level of hemoglobin, speeds up the processes of tissue repair and weakens inflammatory processes, positively affects digestion.

Preparations prepared from beeswax, contain many useful substances. For example, varieties of melanin, chitosan, peptides, amino acids, etc. It should be said that this material contains at least twenty-seven elements from the periodic table. Neutralization of toxic compounds and the prevention of the occurrence of cellular mutations is facilitated by the beespine submarine. Cancer treatment, in other words, is really possible due to this remedy. It is also used to purify the blood. Treatment with bee underbrush is effective in frigidity or impotence and other violations of sexual function. Among other things, it is used for psoriasis, lupus, eczema. Treatment of tincture of beeswax is used by official medicine of a number of countries because of the effectiveness of this remedy.