To date, the most common internal diseases are various ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. Many of us at least once in my life have experienced problems with the functioning of the intestines. Diseases of this kind can be observed in people of any age. Various methods of drug therapy are used to eliminate the ailments. In addition, it is possible to treat intestines with folk remedies. To effectively solve the problem, it is very important to determine which disease is present.Treatment of intestines with folk remedies

Colon. Treatment with folk remedies

Colitis is an inflammation, the area of ​​which is the mucosa of the large intestine. The disease can occur both in acute and chronic forms. The development of this disease is caused by malnutrition, food poisoning, as well as by viruses or pathogenic bacteria. Colitis is characterized by the sudden appearance of diarrhea, spasms and pains in the lower abdomen, fever, deterioration of appetite and flatulence. Relief from the disease is facilitated by phytotherapeutic fees. Treatment of the intestines with folk remedies is carried out by taking decoctions having the following composition:

1. It is necessary to brew 10 grams of fruits of anise and fennel, 20 grams of mint leaves, 30 grams of chamomile flowers and buckthorn bark. The broth is taken in the volume of 100-150 milliliters three times a day after each meal.

2. It will take 60 grams of bird cherry (only ripe fruit will do) and 60 grams of blueberries (berries must also be ripe). A healer is taken 3 times during the day after a meal.

3. Take 50 grams of fruits of the jester and the flowers of black elderberry. Decoction drink twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening hours). This remedy is especially effective for normalizing the stool.

Enteritis - an inflammatory disease, localized on the mucosa of the small intestine. To an ailment can result in irrational nutrition, helminthic invasion, abuse of alcoholic beverages, smoking, nervous overwork. Its symptoms are usually the following: vomiting, nausea, frequent and loose stools, cramping and rumbling in the abdomen. Get rid of the disease will help decoction, having such a composition:

1. Take 15 grams of fennel fruits and rhizomes of calamus, 30 grams of chamomile flowers, 20 grams of peppermint and a valerian root. Take no more than 150 ml at a time three times a day (preferably after meals).

2. For 25 grams of chamomile and mint leaves, 20 grams of fennel and cumin fruit, 10 grams of juniper berries. Take the agent according to the scheme described in the first paragraph.

It should be noted that all of the above broths are prepared as follows: for every 20 grams of available raw materials you need 0.5 liters of clean drinking water. The resulting mass is boiled in a water bath for at least thirty minutes. After this time, the broth is cooled, and then filtered.

Irritable bowels. Treatment with folk remedies

Symptoms of this pathology are as follows: bloating, sensation of the full intestine even after its emptying, mucus secreted from the anus. To eliminate this kind of disease, a decoction of three tablespoons of heather (crushed), the same amount of motherwort and two spoons of the confessor is prepared. The available herbs are brewed with a liter of boiling water. Put the mixture in a thermos for a day, then filter and take 3-4 times a day for one hundred milliliters.

When treating the intestines with folk remedies, remember that if you feel worse, you should immediately seek the help of a specialist!