The birth of a baby is happiness for every family. Unfortunately, for several reasons some of the births of the firstborn have to be expected for years. Sometimes you can not do without the help of specialists. It is for families with infertility problems that the Mother and Child group of companies works. Reviews about the clinics can be heard only positive. Thanks to many years of experience, many couples managed to find true family happiness.

Mother and Child: Basic Information

The group of medical institutions works relatively recently. Only in 2006 the first clinic "Mother and Child" began to function. Reviews show that almost immediately the number of patients began to increase rapidly. After all, the medical establishment showed really good results. Thanks to quality equipment and experienced specialists, almost all patients managed to overcome infertility. And in vitro fertilization allowed women to become pregnant, who could not do it in a natural way.

Mother and child: reviewsFor 10 years the number of clinics "Mother and Child" has grown significantly. Today there are 4 high-tech medical hospitals, 24 clinics with a day hospital, more than 6000 qualified specialists. The institutions are located in several large cities of Russia. Many women have the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood in the presence of complex gynecological pathologies. The clinics offer their services also qualified andrologists and urologists, whose work is aimed at eliminating male infertility. Today, the center "Mother and Child" is the leader in its field. The reviews show that in 98% of cases patients get the desired result of treatment.

The work of the clinics is aimed not only at treating infertility. Preservation of children's health is also of great importance. Has all the necessary equipment for resuscitation of premature babies center "Mother and Child". Reviews show that in most cases babies, who were born before the term, are rapidly gaining weight and within a month can be discharged home.

Where are the clinics located?

The first clinic was opened in St. Petersburg. Initially, the whole range of services in the field of obstetrics and gynecology was presented here. Also, the newest reproductive technologies were introduced in the Mother and Child Center (St. Petersburg). The reviews show that 10 years ago the number of children who were born through artificial insemination has increased many times. In the northern capital of the medical facility is located at: Middle Avenue, house 88.

Quite a lot of positive feedback can be heard about the capital's medical facility, which operates in Moscow at the address: Sevastopolsky Prospekt, 24, building 1. In the capital, the department was also opened in 2006. Today, a huge complex of problems associated with gynecology, allows you to solve the clinic "Mother and Child" (Sevastopol). The testimonies show that women come here who have lost all hope of getting pregnant. However, an individual approach and the right selection of drugs do their job.

Patients also respond well to the clinical hospital "Mother and Child" in Ufa. Here is a hospital. Round the clock under the supervision of specialists can be women with serious gynecological pathologies. The newest diagnostic equipment is used in the clinic "Mother and Child (Ufa). The reviews show that timely diagnosis can identify diseases of the reproductive organs at an early stage.

In Ryazan, a multidisciplinary medical center was also opened. Today, activities are carried out in such areas as infertility treatment, operative gynecology, miscarriage. The clinic "Mother and Child" (Ryazan) offers IVF services. The reviews show that the technologies that specialists use in their work significantly increase the chances of conception.

We listed medical centers, about which you can often hear positive feedback. The clinics also function in such cities as Irkutsk, Kostroma, Odintsovo, Novokuibyshevsk, Novosibirsk, Perm, Samara, Togliatti, Yaroslavl.


Quality work is organized thanks to highly qualified specialists. First of all, this is Mark Kurtser - doctor of medical sciences, professor, general director of the group of companies "Mother and Child". The testimonials show that due to this specialist the medical institution is developing rapidly. It is possible to find sponsors for the acquisition of new equipment to improve the processes in the field of diagnostics and reproductology. Today Mark Kurtser not only conducts administrative affairs, but also receives patients in the clinic "Mother and Child" (Moscow). The reviews show that you have to register for a doctor in a few weeks.

A lot of good reviews can be heard about Arkhangelsk Svetlana Borisovna. The doctor-embryologist of the highest category conducts a reception in the clinic of St. Petersburg. The reviews show that thanks to the experience of this specialist, 90% of the appeals manage to achieve the desired result. Pregnancy occurs in most patients.

One of the best reparoventologists is Danielyan Angela Vyacheslavovna. The specialist also conducts a reception in the clinic of St. Petersburg. The doctor has all the methods of diagnosis and reproductive medicine. Under the leadership of Angela Vyacheslavovna in vitro fertilization.

Good references can also be heard about the following specialists: Andrey Dubinin, Olga Alexandrovna Nazarova, Alexey Borisovich Naumov, Sergei Vasilievich Nikitin, Viktoria Radionova, Anna Shlykova, Sergei Sergeyevich Solomakh.

Pregnancy planning

It is no accident that many of those who plan to conceive a child turn to the medical center "Mother and Child". The reviews show that the clinic offers a full range of services related to diagnostics. In addition, if necessary, various solutions are offered, if the woman for some reason can not become pregnant. The specialists of the clinic take into account all the factors that can negatively affect the conception, bearing and birth of the future baby.

Planning pregnancy in the clinic "Mother and Child" includes a woman's examination to exclude possible pathologies that can be identified in the process of carrying the fetus. A huge role is also played by medical genetic counseling. This is especially important for women who previously underwent infertility treatment, as well as for women over 35 years old.

Before you begin to plan the conception of the baby, it is worthwhile to seek the help of a qualified specialist. Real professionals work in the network of clinics "Mother and Child". Reviews of doctors can only be heard positive. Most families who turned here for help could wait for the birth of their baby.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Unfortunately, not every woman can conceive in a natural way. Improper nutrition, interruption of the fetus in the past, poor ecology, nervous work - all this as a result can lead to infertility. To date, technology is being used that allows every woman to experience the joy of motherhood even in the most difficult situation. You can observe the best results of IVF in "Mother and Child" (Minsk). The reviews show that in this clinic many people have already managed to get the desired pregnancy on the first attempt.

Conception of a child by artificial means is only half the success. It is important that the embryo survive and continue to develop normally. Therefore, much attention is paid to monitoring pregnant women after IVF. Moreover, in most cases of artificial insemination a woman has to bear several babies at once. And this is an additional burden on the internal organs of the future mother.

Great attention is paid to prenatal diagnosis. The latest equipment is provided by the clinic "Mother and Child" in Minsk. The reviews show that thanks to modern equipment it is possible to find out the sex of future babies from the 12th week of pregnancy. Women who have used the IVF service often take tests and visit an obstetrician who is on the register. This makes it possible to identify pathological changes in the body at an early stage.

Male infertility

When the family has been unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for a long time, it is most often believed that women's health is at fault. Thus all analyzes of the future mother in norm or rate. In the impossibility of becoming pregnant, a man can be guilty as well. Bad ecology, malnutrition, bad habits - all this can affect the quality of sperm. Treatment of male infertility - one of the main directions of the RSPC "Mother and Child". Reviews show that in just a few months, you can achieve the desired result.

When a man should ask for help? If during regular sexual life and the absence of any contraception, pregnancy does not occur within a year, it is worth considering. If a woman is over 35 years of age, it is necessary to seek help when conception does not occur for 6 months already. Reproductologists of the clinic "Mother and Child" distinguish two types of male infertility - primary and secondary. Experts argue that the second option is better treatable. In any case, the earlier the pathology is diagnosed, the more likely it is to conceive a healthy baby.

If a couple can not conceive a child for a long time, the man will have to pass a number of tests. You will also need an andrologist examination. A man must give sperm and blood for a hormonal examination. In addition, ultrasound can be used to diagnose the scrotum and prostate.

Surgical treatment of infertility

A full range of services for the treatment of infertility is offered by the clinic "Mother and Child" (Ufa). Reviews show that good results can be achieved through surgical intervention. Many forms of infertility, both in men and women, can not be cured with just the use of appropriate medications. Of great importance is diagnostic laparoscopy. Sometimes it is simply impossible to identify the cause of infertility without surgical intervention. In this case, the specialist resorts to the use of a special device - a laparoscope. Through a small incision into the abdominal cavity a camera is inserted. Thanks to a multiple increase in the monitor, the expert thoroughly examines the organs of the small pelvis.

With the help of a hysteroscope, a more detailed examination of the walls of the uterine cavity can be performed. In addition, with the help of such a device, female infertility can be treated (dissection of the septum, removal of polyps). The statistics show that 40% of women have a long-awaited pregnancy within six months after surgery.


Thanks to the freezing and proper storage of human cells with the preservation of all biological functions, many couples manage to conceive a child. It was cryopreservation that made possible the network of clinics "Mother and Child" IVF. The experts' feedback gives an opportunity to understand that it is possible to preserve both human cells and embryos with a certain genetic set. Thanks to technology, a married couple can plan not only the sex of the future baby, but also his external data. It is possible to conceive several babies at once.

In the network of medical clinics "Mother and Child" the most safe method of freezing is used - vitrification. Female cells can be obtained by stimulating ovulation with the use of special drugs. The probability of pregnancy with the use of frozen cells with IVF is quite high. The quality of sperm during freezing also does not decrease. Cryopreservation of male cells is indicated if a patient has had to face a complex disease requiring prolonged treatment. Often, after medical intervention, the quality of semen is significantly reduced.

Polyclinic "Mother and Child"

The work of the network of medical institutions is primarily aimed at increasing the birth rate. To give birth to a healthy baby is possible only if the parents feel perfectly well. Therefore, clinics "Mother and Child" offer their services to doctors of all specialties. Almost all organs and systems can be diagnosed and treated. The medical institution has the resources for research and treatment of major pathologies. Some clinics have a 24-hour in-patient clinic. Patients can be supervised by qualified personnel.

Practically in every clinic network, the following specialists offer their services: therapist, gynecologist, urologist, andrologist, mammologist, reproductive specialist, endocrinologist.

For each patient, their own program of diagnosis and treatment of identified pathologies is created. The cost of therapy will depend on the number of required procedures.

Reviews about the network of clinics "Mother and Child"

If you believe the words of patients, many managed to get pregnant thanks to the attention of specialists of the medical institution. The fact that clinics provide a full range of medical services related to the planning of pregnancy is encouraging. Families who plan to have a baby can undergo a complete examination before conception.

A lot of positive feedback can also be heard about IVF. The procedure in the clinics "Mother and Child" is performed really qualitatively. This can be judged by the number of pregnant women whose conception occurred artificially. In most cases, it is possible to become pregnant at the first attempt. It can be argued that the network "Mother and Child" gives real happiness to many men and women!