A large percentage of modern mankind is subject to various defects in the development of the jaw system. To solve such problems, a branch in dentistry such as orthodontics was created. Modern specialists are armed with various technologies that are designed to correct bite, wrong position of the teeth, etc. At the same time there is in some way a problem of the erroneous opinion of patients. Many people believe that the plates are placed only for children, and braces are for teenagers. But there are designs that are successfully used to correct defects in people of all age categories. Just about one of them will be discussed in this article. We will talk about what constitutes a kapi for leveling teeth. Feedback from experts and patients for us will also be useful.Teeth for alignment of teeth: reviews, photo before and after

What it is?

Elainers, or kapy, - orthodontic design, designed to equalize the defects of the dentoalveolar system. Kapy are made of a transparent polymer material. They are produced on equipment with high-tech characteristics. For their manufacture, special 3D modeling programs were developed.

The design practically covers the entire jawbone, exerting mechanical pressure on the areas that need correction. Capes are classified as removable orthodontic systems, which has a number of advantages. For the treatment course, a whole series of pads are made, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient.

Alternative method

Against the background of the fact that many patients are embarrassed to wear orthodontic structures that are visible to people around them, transparent kapes were developed to smooth out the teeth. Testimonials about them testify that many patients managed to eliminate defects by applying the technology in question. In detail about the benefits and the existence of possible disadvantages, we'll talk about a little later. Now I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the design is considered an alternative to many existing orthodontic devices. It is recommended for wearing to those patients who for various reasons can not or do not have the desire to use plates, braces or trainers.


Special lining, made in the form of caps, exert mechanical pressure on the areas that need to be moved. With the use of a series of capes, the best results are achieved with time. Orthodontic design is prescribed for wearing patients suffering from crowding, turning teeth, improper bite, crevices, etc. To date, one of the most effective ways to repair defects in the jaw system is considered to be the kapes for aligning the teeth. Reviews, photos and detailed description will allow us to get a better idea about them.

Kapy for leveling the teeth of children's feedback was more positive. Convenient and transparent designs can begin to wear at an early age. Kapy are made in such a way that they do not injure the mucous membrane of the oral cavity of the child. Comfort and aesthetics can be called a special design difference. Thanks to these factors, children do not refuse to wear kapy, as often happens with records or trainees. Not every child is ready to suffer discomfort in order to correct the bite or curvature of the teeth.

The most convenient models for children consider kapy made of thermoplastic. They are also economical, if we compare them with models made with special equipment made of polymer materials. A special feature of thermoplastic is the fact that the structure is softened in hot water. And the necessary form of kapa already gets in the child's mouth. Decrease in temperature leads to solidification of the material. Such kapy for equalizing the teeth of the reviews of people have been found to be ambiguous. Some say that a more economical option does not affect the final result. Other people show discontent about the effectiveness of the design.

Treatment process

Before beginning treatment with any circuit designs, the specialist first conducts the diagnosis, makes an impression from the gypsum and makes a correction plan. Already at this stage, it is possible to guess what results can be achieved and how much the correction of a defect will cost.

According to the made casts of both jaws, the doctor makes the model taking into account the already corrected irregularities. The orthodontist makes a few drops, which are recommended to be worn at different periods of the course of treatment. The whole process is controlled from beginning to end by the attending physician. The patients' comments on the drops for equalizing the teeth confirm what doctors promise us. Depending on the complexity of the case, they will need to be worn for several months to two years.

Pros of wearing a cap

Reviews about the kapah for alignment of the teeth suggest that the advantages of the orthodontic design in question is abound.

  1. The main factor is the transparency of the material and the imperceptibility of the structure. Aesthetics today for many patients plays a big role in the choice of a particular system.
  2. Kapy are considered to be easily removable structures. Unlike non-removable systems, the kapa does not hamper the hygiene procedures of the oral cavity.
  3. Material safety. Systems are considered hypoallergenic. They do not injure the enamel and mucous membranes of the oral cavity.
  4. The use of the latest technology in the manufacture of models excludes marriage.
  5. Many patients combine orthodontic treatment with clarification of the enamel. To do this, it is enough just to fill the cap with a special whitening gel or other means.
  6. Kapa, ​​made of a thin and transparent material, does not cause distortion of speech, violation of diction.
  7. The adaptation period takes several days.
  8. Treatment is available to all age categories. Exceptions are only patients who are members of a special group. For example, people with individual intolerance.
  9. To fix the result achieved by wearing other designs, appoint kapy to align teeth. Reviews after brackets or plates are different. However, to consolidate the effect, the elainers become faithful assistants.

Are there any negative aspects or contraindications?

Like all things on earth, there are flaws and kapy for aligning the teeth. Feedback from some patients indicates their disappointment. Why is this happening? Some people show delight, and other patients are clearly dissatisfied. The answer lies in the individual characteristics of each person. And the disadvantages of this design is not so much. This is the relative high cost of the entire course of treatment. In many clinics, the price of the question is slightly more expensive for the patient than, for example, the bracket system. The second disadvantage of a cap is their small range of action. Simply put, aesthetic elainers will not be able to fix complex defects of the dentoalveolar system.

Contraindication to wearing cap is an individual sensitivity to the components of which they are made. Also, you can not use removable structures for people suffering from epilepsy, mental disorders and similar diseases.

Expert Reviews

Orthodontists of many clinics recommend and show people kapy for teeth alignment. Reviews, photos before and after wearing the cap of former patients, a detailed description of the principle of the system allows a person to weigh all the pros and cons. Of course, it will be right to listen to the opinion of a specialist. Only he is able to predict the results of treatment. After all, sometimes the problem of most dissatisfied patients is precisely the fact that they insisted on using the cap at the time when experts recommended braces or plates. As a result, the person received an unobtrusive result.

Capa for leveling teeth: patient reviews

The majority of patients are satisfied with the result, to which they came due to wearing cap. Also, people note the comfort and aesthetics of a smile in the process of orthodontic treatment. Many say that they missed the convenient time of treatment (childhood and adolescence), and already being adults managed to correct the bite or curvature of the teeth. As we have already said, for many patients the cost of a series of drops becomes unaffordable. The price can vary from 1000 to 3000 dollars. So on this occasion most often negative comments are heard.

Design expediency

So we reached the moment of truth. In fact, the presence of positive and negative results and, accordingly, reviews is explained by the expediency of using cap. If the patient has complicated disorders in the bite or in the location of the teeth, then a significant positive effect can not be expected. In such situations, doctors recommend using braces or plates. If you want to achieve the maximum result, you need to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations. Then you should understand that the achieved results must be consolidated. Otherwise, there is a risk that after removal of the braces, the teeth can return to their original position. Here in such moments help comes kapy. Only by joint efforts you will get rid of defects and surprise the surrounding people with the beauty of your smile.

Care and storage rules

So, what should you be prepared for if you have chosen kapy to level your teeth? Reviews of specialists and patients agree on the fact that the structures are absolutely unpretentious in care. Remove them from the jaw, just rinse with warm running water. Periodically, the model is cleaned with toothpaste and brush. Keep kapy necessary in a special container, this will preserve their integrity and protect them from contamination. Note that in case of damage to the model, you will have to go to the doctor's office. Wearing spoiled, cracked or cracked models is strictly prohibited - this can disrupt the entire treatment plan. Please note that it is impossible to boil the structures. For sanitizing you can use pharmaceutical products. Today, pharmacies offer a large selection of disinfectants.

Instead of conclusion

In conclusion, it remains to add that all information that relates to human health or somehow can affect it, is provided for informational purposes only. This fully applies to a device such as a kapa for leveling teeth. The patients' feedback only confirms that it is impossible to make their choice only on the basis of the information received. Only an expert can properly diagnose the existing problem of the dentoalveolar system. After that, the doctor will offer you the most optimal solution to the problem. And if you do not want to waste time, effort and resources in vain, listen to the recommendations of a specialist. If you are assigned kapy, then so be it.