Such a phenomenon as an allergy is familiar to almost all parents. Since birth, babies are exposed to the environment, which can cause negative consequences in the form of rashes, redness on the skin, itching and so on. The smallest such disease is often called diathesis. Parents should first find out the causes of the disease and consult a doctor, but do not rush to give medicine for children from allergies.

The most common is food allergy. This is due to the fact that the body of the newborn is not familiar with most of the foods that mom eats. When breastfeeding, all the substances come to the baby unchanged and can damage. In the fight against allergies and gastrointestinal disorders, nursing mothers are advised to follow a certain diet, especially the first months. It is not recommended to eat citrus in large quantities, too spicy and spicy food, some seafood. It is better to give preference to the simplest food. New products must be introduced gradually. For example, if you are very fond of kiwi or pineapples, then eat a small slice, the next day yet. If nothing happens, and the baby feels fine, then the portion can be increased. Observing such simple rules, you do not have to buy a medicine for children from allergies.

Influence on the delicate skin of a baby can be various detergents and cosmetics. First of all it is a washing powder. It should be selected very carefully, and it is better to completely refuse air conditioners. Today, a lot of special, children's powders are produced, which contain a minimum amount of irritating substances.

What should be the medicine for children from allergiesBabies are also exposed to respiratory or respiratory allergies. In this case, the most correct decision will be a visit to the doctor. It is quite difficult to determine the allergen, and it is unlikely that you will be able to do it yourself. The medicine for allergies for children, of course, will remove the symptoms, but the disease will not stop. Only an expert will help to understand this situation.

How to defeat the disease

Than to treat an allergy, it is better to try to prevent it. To do this, you need to eat properly, wash and rinse thoroughly all clothes and bed linens, do regular house cleaning and so on. With any suspicions, do not be lazy to go to the pediatrician. Only he can prescribe a medicine for children from allergies according to age and cause of the disease.

Babies up to 1 month of age are prescribed only external drugs, for example, "Fenistil". Effective are popular means, such as: bathing and wiping chamomile broths, turns. Babies up to 6 months can already be given drugs in drops. They are mixed in a bottle with food or drink.

The medicine for children from the allergy "Cetirizine" or "Cyproheptadine" is very effective. They can be given to babies over six months. For those who have already turned one year, recommend the drug "Claritin" or "Tavegil". Children older than three years are appointed "Fenkarol".

Only a doctor can prescribe a dose of medication and a regimen. In no case do not treat yourself.