Very often patients have certain difficulties with the choice of certain dental services, the variety of which affects any imagination. Many want the teeth to be not only strong and healthy, but also beautiful. Dental clinics offer a very wide range of services and a choice of materials, therefore, when answering the question "which teeth are better to insert," you need to focus on the amount of wallet and your own preferences.

Which teeth are better to insert? Choosing a materialTo restore the dentition, it is necessary to consult an experienced specialist. It is unlikely to be able to independently determine which teeth to insert, the patient, because it is affected by a number of factors: the number of missing teeth, the state of the oral cavity, the presence of various diseases. The client can only choose the material and indicate the preferred method of prosthetics.

Dental implantation is used in the absence of one or two teeth. In this case, the root of titanium is implanted in the jaw bone, then beautiful teeth are put on it. With this method of prosthetics, it is not necessary to grind healthy teeth located side by side, which is a huge advantage, but at the same time this procedure is expensive and has contraindications.

In the absence of frontal teeth, many people are concerned about the aesthetic side of the issue. Prosthetics require a certain amount of time. For this reason, express implantation of teeth, which takes only one day, is quite in demand. In this case, implants and a temporary crown are inserted into the patient, and after a couple of months - permanent prostheses.

A specialist for each patient is suitable individually, so the solution to the problem can be different. In case of severe damage to the dentition, bridges are recommended. They can be either removable or fixed with special locks.

Choosing which teeth to insert better, it is worth paying attention to the variety of materials. Most often used nylon, plastic, clasp, metal and ceramic dentures. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Metal prostheses are reliable, inexpensive, but they look unaesthetic. Plastic is used on the front teeth, as it is quickly erased, it attracts a low price.

Metalloplast plastic bridges are very popular, but they can not withstand the chewing load. If the question is, which teeth are better to insert, given the aesthetic side, then the answer is unambiguous - ceramic. They are matched to the tone of natural teeth, they retain their natural shine for a long time, they are strong and of high quality, they cope with any load. But there is also a minus - a high cost.

It should be taken into account that the material should be selected depending on the location of the tooth. Chewing can be replaced with metal, but frontal - plastic or ceramic. In some cases, titanium or gold is used. The first material is good longevity, but distorts the taste of food, the second metal is suitable for people suffering from allergic reactions, but quickly erased. In any case, before choosing a method of prosthetics and material, you should consult a dentist.