One of the main causes of many human diseases is a metabolic disorder. Because of this, gastric and vascular diseases, obesity develop, problems appear on the skin. Metabolism is the main function of the body and if it is slowed or does not flow properly, the organs can not function normally. It is not always possible to take medicines, it is best to use herbs to improve metabolism.

What herbs to improve metabolism can be used

Long ago this problem was treated by folk healers with the help of fees that do not cause side effects. Different herbs that improve metabolism, it is better to apply the courses, taking breaks between them. Collecting herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy, but it is advisable to make them yourself from those plants that are right for you. After all, the metabolic disorder in the body is so individual that a common prescription simply does not exist.

What are the herbs for improving metabolism?

  1. For a long time this was the decoction of the horsetail of the field. It cleanses the body well and speeds up metabolism. It can be brewed like tea. But drink a little - a few sips to six times a day.
  2. The best plant that improves metabolism is dandelion. In the spring, you can collect his young leaves and use them in salads and soups, brew them like tea and make a tincture on vodka. They well regulate the work of all organs and endocrine glands, reduce fat deposits due to cleansing from slags, and also improve digestion. You can brew and dried herb dandelion, in addition, use its roots.
  3. It is also good to eat and drink decoction of nettle leaves. This plant successfully copes with many disorders in metabolism and improves digestion. Good nettle also eliminates skin problems. And the juice from her leaves cleanses the blood.
  4. Often to improve metabolism and purification of the body using infusion of oregano. Grinded grass should be allowed to stand for a while in a water bath, and then insist for several hours. If you take the infusion before meals, it works well for digestion.

Herbs for improving metabolism are also used in the form of fees. From useful plants you can make delicious teas that will help your body work correctly.

  1. Mix in equal parts the crushed grass of the immortelle, St. John's wort, chamomile and birch buds. Brew the mixture like tea and drink with honey before going to bed and before breakfast. Such tea will well clean the body of toxins and improve your health.
  2. With obesity and diabetes it is good to take such a collection: one part of the herb parsnip, three parts hop cones and four parts celery and bean pods brew like tea. Take a decoction of two tablespoons six times a day.
  3. With poor digestion, tea from wormwood, yarrow, calamus and dandelion root can be made. Infuse the broth preferably all night, and then drink during the day with honey.

For losing weight, you can drink tea, which contains herbs to accelerate metabolism. To them is added the root of ginseng. It reduces the feeling of hunger and improves digestion. It is good for this also to make tea from the string and sporish (brew 4 tablespoons per 1 liter of boiling water) and drink it half a cup a day.

When drawing up fees, it should be borne in mind that herbs for improving metabolism often have the opposite effect: for example, marshmallow, flax seeds or milk thistle reduce appetite, and wormwood, a centipede or dandelion, on the contrary, stimulate digestion. Many herbs have contraindications, so do not take therapeutic teas uncontrollably.