State medicine in Russia is often scolded last words, but with the first symptoms of a common cold or for standard information, most of the population is sent to municipal health facilities. And this means that you need to know your hospital and it is advisable to have a card in advance. How do I know which polyclinic I belong to on registration and can I visit a polyclinic at the actual place of residence without registering?

We leave for exploration

How do I know which polyclinic I and my family belong to?There are no single reference services for patients. Accordingly, the search for a health care institution you will have to do on your own. Perhaps you already know that a building surrounded by a fence two courtyards from yours is a polyclinic? If the distance is minimal and free time you have, you can just go to the nearest hospital and find out everything in the registry. But be prepared for the fact that the clinic closest to the house can serve a completely different area. You ask: "How do I know which polyclinic I and the family belong to, if there is no time for personal visits to all nearby hospitals?" The answer is. Be prepared for the fact that it will still be necessary to spend personal time on communication with representatives of the healthcare system.

Directories will help you find a polyclinic

Option, time-saving - call all nearest to your address polyclinics. You can find their contacts in the directories of organizations. Next, call the registry (preferably in the morning hours) and ask if the institution serves your address. Once you find your clinic, it is advisable to visit it immediately and get a patient's card. Acquaintance with the doctor and the organization can, of course, be postponed to the actual disease. But it will be easier to arrange for a doctor to go home if necessary, if you are already registered with a particular health care institution. There is also another way to find out which clinic a particular residential building belongs to.

The polyclinic will help to find a "word of mouth"

The easiest way to find out where the municipal organizations that serve your address are - ask the local population. Ask your friends and buddies who live close by, or neighbors around the house. Nowadays, many people are reluctant to seek help from strangers, and this is the easiest way to find an institution that everyone visits. Be sure, and the stern man from your entrance, and the young girl, and the grandmother at the entrance necessarily know where the local polyclinic is located. In addition, after talking to her clients, you can find out something useful, for example, reviews about a particular doctor or a schedule of patients' admission. Do not be shy and ask neighbors, because the question: "Which polyclinic I treat, where are you treated?" Is absolutely decent and will not cause a negative.

Children's Health Care Institutions

Do not forget that patients under 18 in our country are served in separate children's medical and preventive institutions. If your family has children, after moving to a new apartment, you need to puzzle about finding a hospital and for them. The same methods that you used to find an adult health care institution will help. A popular question among young mothers: "A child will soon be born in the family, how do we know which polyclinic we belong to?" Pregnant women can not be baffled by the search for a children's hospital. After discharge from the hospital with the baby the first weeks the district doctor of the child and the nurse will carry out patronage. They will come themselves on the official notice of discharge (sends by the maternity hospital) and tell you where to go in case of problems.

Is a registration required for registration in a polyclinic?

If you are registered at an address served by a specific polyclinic, you do not have the right to refuse to provide services. Even if you have never visited this health care institution, you can call a doctor at home in case of illness by dictating all the necessary data by phone. If your address of the actual stay does not coincide with the residence permit, you can register with the nearest polyclinic by writing an application to the name of its director. Ask the district doctor in the previous clinic before picking up your documents: "How do I know which clinic I belong to now?" It is better to take a card from a previous hospital, since it contains a lot of useful information for specialists. If, for some reason, you did not succeed, in the new clinic, when you register, you will be given a new history of illnesses. Without permanent registration at the place of residence can be determined in the health care institution and the child. After writing the statement to the head of the clinic you need to send an official response, they are very rarely refused, since any health care institution is interested in increasing the number of patients. You have learned a lot about the procedure for registering in a health-improving institution, now the friend's question: "How do I know which polyclinic I and the family belong to?" Will not put you in a quandary. You can give useful advice and even tell about your own experience.