The bulk of people are convinced that there are no parasites in their body. In addition, even assuming their presence, many do not take any measures to cleanse their bodies. However, you should not be so presumptuous and engage in self-deception. Parasites are present in ninety percent of people living on the planet and always lead the body to an incurable pathological condition. In other words, unwelcome guests slowly, but surely kill a person. According to medical statistics, when autopsied, ninety percent of the corpses are practically swarming with unicellular parasites and worms. In order to maintain their health and take measures against uninvited guests, every person should know the signs of their presence in their bodies.

How to find out if there are worms in the human body

How to find out if there are worms in the human body? First of all, it is necessary to analyze the history of various diseases. There are situations when a person tries for years to get rid of chronic pathologies, but does not have any improvement in his health. Unfortunately, even specialists absolutely do not associate the development of pathological processes with the activity of parasites. Because of this, the disease caused by parasitosis, gradually turns into the ailments of the heart and blood vessels, joints and bone system, respiratory organs, and then into oncology.

Parasites in the body are cunning and dangerous. Intruding into the human body, they do not cause pain or any other symptoms. Health problems begin later. People for decades live with uninvited guests and absolutely do not associate with their presence their ailments. This is not surprising, because the main purpose of parasites is to hide from a person his presence. The damage they cause the body, disguised as ordinary disorders of the digestive system and general ailments.

How do you know if there are worms? How to do it on external grounds? Parasites in the human body can cause:

- Early wrinkles on the face;

- various spots on the skin;

- fragility and detachment of nails;

- cracks on the heels.

- stones and sand in the kidneys or in the bladder;

How do you know if there are worms in women? Ladies suffering from parasitosis can be treated for:

- inflammatory processes in the ovaries;

- fibroids or fibroids;

- inflammatory processes in the bladder, adrenal gland or kidney;

- violations of the menstrual cycle.

Uninvited guests in the human body can provoke:

- pain in muscles and joints;

- Multiple sclerosis, etc.

How to know if there are worms in the human body, using diagnostic studies? Until recently, the presence of parasites was determined only when conducting microscopic studies of fecal or duodenal probing. Currently, there is also an immunological diagnosis, which allows to determine the presence in the blood of an infected patient of various kinds of antibodies and antigens to parasites.


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