Many are familiar with the discomfort associated with stuffed ears. Own voice changes the sound, the head is heavy, the quality of the hearing is noticeably reduced. You feel only indistinct noise and ringing. All this is unpleasant, so knowing how to get rid of the stuffiness of the ear can be useful for everyone. First of all, it is necessary to understand how this feeling arises.

How to eliminate stuffy ears: treating various causes of discomfort

Causes of discomfort

A healthy auditory tube controls the atmospheric pressure in the middle ear so that obstruction does not appear. Only with sudden changes in the pressure of the Eustachian, the pipe can close and cause unpleasant sensations. So, lifting in a high-speed elevator may well become a source of inconvenience. If the discomfort arises out of any dependence on external circumstances, you need to understand as soon as possible why it occurs and how to remove the stuffiness of the ear.

Inflammatory processes

Very often, the condition of the auditory tubes deteriorates due to a variety of inflammations. Otitis of the middle ear or common cold leads to edema of the Eustachian tube, which immediately leads to discomfort. From sinusitis, adenoids, or a curved nasal septum, ears can also become blocked. Treatment in such situations requires specialist advice. To return a full-fledged hearing, it is necessary to eliminate the inflammatory process that caused the problem. To relieve your condition during treatment, periodically use vasoconstrictive drops. They eliminate not only the common cold, but also reduce the edema of the eustachian tube, returning the patient hearing. Special ear drops also help in this situation, providing an additional anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Hearing damage

The otitis has a destructive effect on the ears. On the eardrums, scars and adhesions can form, which in time will lead to a noticeable impairment of hearing. This problem can be eliminated only by the otolaryngologist. In addition to otitis, damage to the nerves can also cause ejaculation. Treatment should be entrusted to the osteopath. Causes of nerve disorders, as a rule, is insufficient blood supply, which is due to hypertension, head trauma or cerebral ischemia, so a comprehensive impact is necessary.

Foreign bodies

If the stuffiness does not pass and the degree of it is strong enough, it can be assumed that a foreign object has entered the ear. Another reason - sulfur fuses. Improper hygiene leads to their formation and causes ears to become blocked. The treatment will be as simple as possible - you just need to eliminate the foreign body or the accumulation of sulfur. Washing your ears will return the sound quality. The safest way to spend it in the office of the otolaryngologist.


Surprisingly, bad teeth can also provoke stuffy ears. Treatment in this case should be aimed at improving the condition of the temporomandibular joint. The disturbed mobility of this part of the skull causes a worsening of hearing in almost every second case. Therefore, a visit to an osteopath will be a very sensible way to restore health.