Our people do not like to visit a doctor once again, so they want to cope with all problems arising from their own health. So, some practical advice on how to wash your ears at home: what you need to foresee and do not forget about it.

How do I wash my ears at home? A few tips

About self-treatment

Before disclosing all the subtleties of this case, it is worth recalling once again that self-medication can be dangerous for the health of every person. For any questions regarding your own health, it is better to consult your doctor. This is the only way to get qualified help and not to hurt yourself.

So, how to wash your ears at home? For this, simple conditions must be met. The person who is undergoing the procedure must sit. It is also important to provide a container for collecting liquid that will pour out of the auricle. It is worth noting that the procedure itself is very inconvenient, it will require an assistant. It is also important to remember that fluids need to get into the ear canal. To do this, you need to pull the auricle somewhat. The liquid is injected with a syringe without needles or syringes. The tip is inserted into the ear canal no further than 1 cm.

About the procedure

So, understanding how to wash your ears at home, it is important to understand how this procedure should be carried out. The water that will be buried in the ear should be warm - about 37 degrees (the same as the temperature of the human body). This is important, because otherwise there may be dizziness, nausea. If a person has a perforation of the tympanic membrane, it is necessary to do all manipulations with a disinfectant solution, for example, furacilin. The jet should not be strong (this is important, because it can damage the eardrum), it will be enough to have small infusions of fluid on the posterior surface of the ear canal. Also, you need to make sure that there are no water bubbles in the syringe - they can cause an unpleasant noise in the ear.

After the procedure

When deciding how to rinse ears at home, it is important to understand the rules for performing subsequent manipulations. So, a person should turn his head so that from the rinsed ear the water can calmly flow out. After that, the ear canal is dried with a cotton swab (cotton wool should be sterile).

Hydrogen peroxide

Some people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to wash the ears with hydrogen peroxide. Why not? It helps well as a preventive tool with a propensity to form ear plugs. To do this, approximately once every few months, a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide are to be dripped into the ear.

How do I rinse my ear with otitis? You can do this in completely different ways. So, you can use again hydrogen peroxide (3%). With purulent middle otitis medicine men advised to wash their ears with ordinary vodka, after that the purulence will stop. Also good for inflammations tincture celandine, calendula or chamomile, they will give an excellent medicinal effect.

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