The disease that most often occurs in women during menopause is ovarian cancer. Basically, such a diagnosis is made for women, whose age is over 40 years.

How Ovarian Cancer Treatment Works in Israel

There are four stages of cancer.

The first stage indicates the presence of cancer cells in the ovaries.

In the second stage of ovarian cancer, the cells grow into the uterus and the tubes.

The third stage involves the process of spreading cancer cells to the lymph nodes.

Ovarian cancer, stage 4, indicates the penetration of metastases into neighboring tissues.

Sometimes the symptoms for a long time do not make themselves felt, and the woman consults the doctor only when the external symptoms begin to appear (for example: abdominal growth). This is due to the increase in the tumor, as well as from the appearance of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Pain can occur when the cancer grows into the tubes (due to the fact that the tumor touches the nerve endings). But, even when experiencing pain, women do not always consult a doctor, because they write off these symptoms for the inflammatory process. Therefore, if you have any signs, you should immediately seek help from a gynecologist.

Treatment of ovarian cancer in Israel is carried out in several surgical ways. With timely and correct treatment, the prognosis in most cases is positive.

In general, ovarian cancer occurs in nulliparous girls and women in the presence of constant stress and a hereditary factor.

When you go to the hospital, the gynecologist examines the patient and, if an increase in the ovaries is found, gives a direction for ultrasound.

Diagnostics carried out in time allows increasing the chance for a less dangerous operation for the body, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation period. Since the signs of ovarian cancer are pronounced, it is possible to identify this disease at an early stage of progression.

Treatment of ovarian cancer in Israel is carried out in two main operational ways: laparoscopic and abdominal. Doctors prefer to conduct laparoscopy, as it is less traumatic for the body. The method of this procedure is that the patient is made with several small incisions, the length of which is not more than 2 cm. Through these holes, an operation is carried out, which is controlled by a microchamber. The advantages of laparoscopy are that, compared with other methods of surgical intervention, the risk of complications is minimal.

But there are cases when the doctor has no choice, and therefore he decides to perform an abdominal operation. The reasons for its conduct are many: indications, the patient's condition, emergency cases.

Treatment of ovarian cancer in Israel by the abdominal method is carried out in an open way, that is, an autopsy is performed.

Both methods are used under general anesthesia. In order to avoid complications during surgical treatment, it is necessary to inform the physician of all information related to health: previous operations, allergy to drugs, or taking medications at this time.

Treatment of ovarian cancer in Israel is selected depending on the age of the patient, condition and stage of the tumor.