Faced with the manifestations of allergy, many do not pay attention to it until it does not interfere with a normal lifestyle. After all, most people are afraid to take antiallergenic drugs, having heard about their effect on the human body. A few decades ago many tablets caused drowsiness, they increased the susceptibility of alcohol (often many refused even alcohol-containing infusions and drops), they could not be taken by those whose work required increased concentration.

How to choose anti-allergy drugs

But antiallergenic drugs of a new generation ("Fexofenadine", "Cetirizine", etc.) do not cause so many side effects. They can be used for almost all people. The active ingredients used in them do not have a sedative effect and are quickly eliminated from the body. Of course, before prescribing any funds, you need to consult a doctor. Only he, taking into account your history, should pick up suitable tablets or drops. Nowadays it is not so difficult to help pregnant and lactating women suffering from allergy. Of course, the list of drugs that they are allowed is limited, but nevertheless, each of them can choose the right option. Also you can remove various manifestations of allergy from the very first days of your baby's life. Antiallergenic drugs for children have been developed that can be used since infants.

All funds work in almost the same way: they block histamine receptors. After all, the latter are the cause of allergy symptoms: lacrimation, runny nose, rashes on the skin, itching, redness of the eyes or swelling.Antihistamine drugs stop them, reducing the manifestations of the disease. When taking antiallergic drugs, it is important to understand that they do not cure the disease, they just temporarily relieve the symptoms. If you stop taking them, then all manifestations of the allergy will resume. If during the reception of antihistamines you feel a significant relief, all manifestations disappear, and you forget about your problem, so the antiallergenic drugs are selected correctly, they help.

But get rid of the problem is almost impossible, because for this it is necessary to eliminate the stimulus. Often this is simply impossible: most people suffer from allergies to pollen, dust, pet hair. Of course, if it is necessary to refuse the use of certain products to get rid of the problem, it is better not to eat them than to constantly drink quite expensive antiallergenic drugs.

At present, the pharmaceutical industry offers funds for 3 generations. The first of them require repeated application in large dosages, they can cause all sorts of side effects. These include such well-known drugs as "Diazolin", "Tavigil", "Suprastin", "Dimedrol" and a number of others. Means of the second generation do not cause drowsiness, reduced concentration, but their administration has a toxic effect on the heart. Therefore, when using medicines such as "Fenistil", "Claritin", "Gistanolg", it is necessary to control its work. But the funds of the third generation are allowed for admission to all categories of people, they do not have any negative effect on the body and are quickly withdrawn. Also, modern anti-allergenic drugs are designed so that they can be taken once a day. These are medications "Telfast", "Cetrin", "Zodak".