People who have lost their ability to work due to illness or serious injury, try to find out whether it is possible to draw up a disability in one or another case. It should be noted that our state is trying to reduce the number of pension payments to such people, so the procedure for collecting and filing documents, undergoing medical examination at the moment is quite complicated. The first thing that a disabled person needs to realize is that it will be difficult to achieve the group, but it is possible.

How to draw up a disability: the features of the procedureDespite the current legislation, neither local authorities nor medical institutions are in a hurry to recognize a person as incapacitated. So how do I issue a disability group? First of all, you need to collect the necessary package of documents: an application, a passport, as well as the direction of the medical institution in which you are being examined. However, it is very difficult to obtain such a certificate if your shortcomings are not visible to the naked eye. If you are not consciously given out a referral or a certificate for self-referral to the medical and social commission, you can apply to the court.

Before registering a disability, all collected documents should be submitted to the ITU. In principle, here you do not have to wait a long time for the paperwork, but in practice this is not always the case. Specialists should conduct an expert examination within a month. You can apply for documents at the place of temporary registration and residence. In addition, you have the opportunity to pre-record an appointment with a phone call.

Before registering a disability, the appropriate commission (usually from 3 people) should check the reliability of your documents and status. In this case, you will have to appear for an examination. In extreme cases, the commission can be held at home. Disability can be obtained under the following conditions: if a person has a serious health disorder that was caused by a trauma, a defect or a disease, a complete or partial loss of the ability to service oneself, work, move, communicate and learn, rehabilitation and social protection.

As for the group, it is determined by the same commission. It all depends on how limited a person is in working life. In this case, the patient receives an appropriate certificate, which indicates all the parameters of disability. If the results of the examination did not satisfy you, you can file a complaint and petition for revision of the documents.

Before registering a disability, you should remember that from time to time it will have to be confirmed. For the 1st group, a second survey should be conducted every two years, and the rest - once a year. There are also those categories of disabled people who do not need to go through the commission again. However, people with a lifelong group are not enough. These include those patients who do not have a chance to restore body functions, that is, as a result of trauma or illness in the body irreversible changes occurred (the eye was removed, the limb, the consequences of cerebral palsy, and others were cut off). That's the whole answer to the question: "how to make out a disability?"