Currently, due to unfavorable ecology, stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, few people can boast of excellent health. Problems are detected even at a very young age. The intake of synthesized medications very often does not improve, but further worsens the state of our health, damaging the liver, stomach and kidneys.

Disturbances lead to changes in the work of endocrine glands and the occurrence of endocrine diseases. Therefore, more often people began to resort to alternative methods of improving health. Recently, there are often stories about the miraculous effect on the body, which has hormonal Tibetan gymnastics. There are no contraindications to its conduct, according to her adherents.

History of origin

Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics for longevity for the first time became known from the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about 30 years ago. According to the official legend, once in the mountains of Tibet, Soviet specialists built a power plant. Not far away in the mountains was a monastery, where they, at the request of the monks, also held a branch of power lines. In gratitude for the appearance of light in the ancient structure, our engineers have uncovered some secrets of preserving health and prolonging life.Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics: contraindications and reviews

Wellness Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, which began to practice one of those specialists, really allowed him to maintain good health. Moreover, his gray hair returned the original color, and even at 80, he did not use glasses. This he told correspondents.

After reading about this story, the folk healer Olga Orlova decided to try it on her own. After she was able not only to significantly improve her health and establish a hormonal background, but also get rid of several chronic diseases, she decided to bring this technique to a wide range of people. Later, this system was called "Tibetan hormonal gymnastics Olga Orlova."

What is the system of hormonal gymnastics

Tibetan morning hormonal gymnastics includes a number of simple actions that must be done immediately after awakening. The impact on certain points on the body, according to the claims of Buddhist monks, helps to open energy chakras, strengthen the biofield and thereby improve the work of the endocrine system responsible for the state of the whole organism. In this case, there is a noticeable effect of rejuvenation, Orlova says.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics takes a little time. It is simple to perform, so people of different ages can practice it, regardless of health status and physical fitness. To get the maximum effect from the exercises, you must follow certain rules.

Rules for the performance of hormonal Tibetan gymnastics

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics of Olga Orlova is usually performed early in the morning, ideally - from six to eight hours, when our body responds best to energy manipulation.

Do not expect instant results, because the deterioration of your health has happened gradually, for a long time. Noticeable shifts you will notice in a couple of months and even years, although some manifestations of the improvement of the state you will find much faster.

Many people ask the question: will not the hormonal Tibetan gymnastics harm, it has contraindications? Sometimes, after a certain time after the beginning of the exercise, various chronic ailments become aggravated. This indicates that the body has begun the process of self-healing, therefore it is not recommended to stop the studies.

There is a certain order in which Tibetan hormonal gymnastics should be performed.

Contraindications to the beginning of health-improving sessions on the system of Tibetan monks - smoking, the use of narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages. From these bad habits you have to give up, so as not to worsen your health even more.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in bed requires regularity. In the Buddhist teachings, it is argued that human energy can very quickly be disrupted. Even if you are engaged for many years, but have taken a break of only a few days, the result quickly disappears. Therefore, it is not allowed to arrange breaks in classes for more than two days.

Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of the movements, while monitoring the correct breathing and sensations of the body. Speaking of charging in bed, it means that you can really do it lying down, right after awakening. Only the bed should be rigid and elastic, and not soft (feather bed).

You need to be meaningful about what you are doing, understanding the connection between movements, thoughts and health. Faith and strength of mind can achieve significant results.

Cases when the application of the health system of Tibetan monks is recommended

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in bed is recommended for the following violations:

• chronic stress conditions;

• impaired vision and hearing;

• decreased attention, memory problems;

• chronic fatigue;

• abnormalities in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and stasis of lymph;

In fact, there are many more problems in which Tibetan hormonal gymnastics can help us.

Some contraindications to the use of hormonal gymnastics, according to doctors, can be:

• disruption of the heart in the acute stage;

• Parkinson's disease;

• presence of a stomach ulcer or acute inflammation of the intestine;

• risk of infringement of a hernia;

• postoperative condition;

• hypertensive crisis;

• acute form of arthritis;

• pathology of the spine.

In the case of acute and chronic diseases, before starting the gymnastics it is necessary to consult a doctor in charge.

Consequences of performance of improving Tibetan gymnastics

After regular practice of hormonal gymnastics you will have the following changes:

• Increased vitality;

• Improvement of mental abilities and memory;

• cleansing of the respiratory system;

• Relieving physical and emotional tension;

• elimination of hearing and visual impairment;

• Improve the work of the digestive tract;

• restoration of flexibility of joints and correction of posture;

• adjustment of the heart and blood vessels;

• improved lymphatic drainage.

To people of creative professions, the exercises of Tibetan centenarians help to achieve harmony in the perception of the world because they balance the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Description of gymnastics.Determination of the state of the biofield

Lying on your back, fold your palms in front of your chest, pointing the ends of your fingers to your chin. Rub your palms against each other six to ten times, speeding up energy flows.

If after rubbing the palms remained dry and heated, your biofield is normal. The absence of warming indicates a significant decrease in the energy of the body. If the palms become wet and do not warm up at all, this indicates cardiovascular disorders. In any case, the charge must be continued.

Improvement of vision

Heated palms are superimposed on closed eyes and make 30 light pressure, one per second. In case of problems with the eyesight, the palms are held in the compressed state for a little while longer. Exercise gradually improves vision.

Cure of ear diseases

Hands cling to the ears. Without lifting them, 30 clicks are performed with the same intensity. The force of pressing should be comfortable and selected individually. These actions improve the energy in the ear canal and lead to the elimination of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear and improving hearing.

Facelift and hearing improvement

In the supine position on the back of the hand, we hold in front of the face and clasp into fists, holding the thumbs separately, pointing upwards. Big fingers are placed behind the ears, the rest, folded into fists - from above. We move our hands 30 times towards the chin and back, processing the contour of the face.

These actions help in improving the ears and contribute to tightening the face oval by accelerating the outflow of lymph.

Cleaning of maxillary sinuses and elimination of wrinkles on the forehead

The right palm is placed on the forehead and covered with the left. We begin to move our hands across the forehead from one temple to another, with a speed of 30 movements in 30 seconds.

Improvement of cerebral circulation and normalization of pressure

The right palm is placed over the head a short distance, the left hand is placed on top of it. The movement is made along the arc from the forehead to the crown and back, is performed 30 times. Under the head is better to install a roller or pillow so that it is on weight.

Improving the condition of the joints and muscles of the hands

From the same initial position, it is necessary to perform palm movements from the left to the right ear and back, in total 30 complete cycles. Exercise tightens the skin of the forearms, gently strengthens the joints and muscles of the hands.

Normalization of the thyroid gland

The right hand is placed over the thyroid gland, the left hand performs back and forth motions from the thyroid gland to the navel and back.

On the 30th cycle, the hands change places and fall on the stomach.

Improve gastrointestinal tract function

Having established the right hand on the stomach and covering it with the left one, we start movements clockwise with a slight depression of the stomach, only 30 times. This movement normalizes the stool.

Improve blood circulation in the vessels of the hands and feet

Raising his arms and legs in the supine position, we begin to rotate with hands and feet clockwise and in the opposite direction. Then, without lowering the extremities, we begin to shake them small. Alternate execution is allowed, for hands and feet separately. This exercise helps to strengthen the blood supply of small capillaries.

At the end of the gym, after sitting on the floor, we begin to rub our feet. If their skin is too dry, it should be oiled, preferably olive. After the feet, it is necessary to rub the legs to the knee in the direction from the bottom to the top, then - the hips.

Knees rubbing in circular motions, hips - from below upwards and from sides to the middle. It is known that on the foot there are active points associated with all organs. Their stimulation leads to the normalization of the work of the whole organism.

In addition to these exercises, it is recommended to perform "inverted poses" that include a headstand and a "birch", as well as lowering the legs behind the head in a rack on the shoulder blades.

This contributes to better stretching of the spine, slows down aging and is a preventive measure for the development of cancer. The execution begins with a time that is comfortable for you, and gradually increases to 10 or more minutes, without restriction.

There are many incurable, according to official medicine, diseases, to achieve a stable remission in which the hormonal Tibetan gymnastics helped. Contraindications to the use of physical exertion should be taken into account if the disease occurs in acute form. Some exercises can still be performed, albeit in an easier mode.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, doctors' reviews about which are rather restrained, undoubtedly has the right to exist. Until now, there is no known case when she harmed someone.

At the same time, there is a significant amount of feedback that it was hormonal Tibetan gymnastics that cured some chronic diseases. Photos and comments of people who got rid of gray hair and rejuvenated their bodies are often enough.

In fact, it is unlikely that anyone really can not help self-massage of biologically active points on the body and the performance of simple physical exercises offered by hormonal Tibetan gymnastics. Contraindications, which doctors warn you, of course, need to be considered. But do not forget that our health, first of all, is in our own hands.

Changing lifestyle and bad habits, cleansing the thoughts and health system of Tibetan centenarians in the complex will definitely help you live longer and happier!