Gastritis is a fairly common disease and, in fact, means inflammation of the gastric mucosa. A person of any age can get sick. Establish a diagnosis is not difficult, because patients accurately describe the signs of gastritis with acidity noted by them.

Gastritis with high acidity: treatment and prevention

The main complaints are: headache, swelling, heartburn, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, frequent regurgitation. Gastritis with high acidity, the treatment of which takes a long time, usually arises from malnutrition, in particular due to excessive consumption of acidic, salty or acute, quick chewing, untimely food intake, etc.

Drugs that reduce acidity and those that cover the mucous protective film - these are the two types of drugs that are used in the case of diagnosis of "gastritis with high acidity." Treatment of both the first and second types of medicines has its advantages and uses. The most famous drugs that neutralize the increased acidity are:

The best enveloping effect is carried out by:

  • Almagel   ". It has the form of a suspension, and therefore it is easy to drink. You need to take it before eating. Almagel envelops the stomach and carries out anesthesia.
  • Vikalin   ". Tablets of this drug help not only reduce acidity, but also relieve spasm.

Treatment of folk medicine

Traditional medicine can also overcome gastritis with high acidity. Treatment can be carried out with the help of various decoctions, teas, natural ingredients. Here are some recipes:

  1. An infusion of propolis. Mix propolis with alcohol in the proportion of 1. 5. For several days, hold the mixture in a dark place. Next, a few spoons of liquid diluted with a glass of water and taken three times a day.
  2. Natural honey can take 1 tbsp. L. Several times a day.
  3. Potato juice should be taken on several tablespoons a day.
  4. In addition, you can take a decoction of immortelle, herb of oregano, dandelion root, yarrow, elephant root.

To treat a gastritis with the raised or increased acidity without observance of a diet it is not necessary, in fact the result will not be at all. As doctors say, the basis of recovery is proper nutrition. It is necessary to exclude from the diet:

Discontinue use of products:

  • citrus;
  • onion garlic;
  • fresh pastries, cakes, etc.

Of course, it is better to engage in prevention than to have gastritis with high acidity, the treatment of which will require additional costs and time. There are several rules that can help prevent a disease:

  1. In a timely manner, take food (every 4-5 hours).
  2. Refuse to eat in fast food, as well as from fatty, fried, spicy, salty, too sour.
  3. Thoroughly chew food.
  4. Do not smoke, give up alcohol.
  5. To look after the oral cavity.
  6. In time to treat other diseases.
  7. Refuse to work with difficult working conditions.
  8. Enough to rest.

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