How many people in the world suffer from pain in the back! Physiologists say that frequent problems with the spine - this is the payment of humanity for the opportunity to walk on two legs with proudly raised head. Well, of course, all the possible benefits of civilization affect our spinal column far from the best way. We are lazy, we do not move much, we sit and eat a lot - from here even young people often have osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernias. What can we say about the older generation!

Doctor Bubnovsky: exercises for the spine, adaptive gymnastics, recommendations

People who have ever experienced what severe pains in the back know how painful this is. In such moments, it would seem, everything is ready to give for someone to teach and prompt how to get rid of the misfortune. Ointments and tablets help only for a while, and then again there comes a deterioration. It's scary to do physical exercises, because you are even afraid to move. And meanwhile there is a doctor named Bubnovsky. Exercises for the spine, they developed, can help even very desperate people. Do not believe me? And in vain! Read the information given in our article. And begin to act, because, as the wise say: "Under a recumbent stone ..."

Meet - Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich!

Who is this - Dr. Bubnovsky? It is known that he has a doctorate in medicine and is a professor and founder of kinesitherapy. Today, he has two higher educations and twenty years of successful medical practice, entirely devoted to the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system of man. Sergei Mikhailovich takes patients in the health center he created in Moscow and combines his main activity with the doctor's work in the KamAZ-master team. And this irrepressible man himself takes part in many rally competitions. That's what he is - Dr. Bubnovsky. Exercises for the spine, numerous books dedicated to health, designed by him simulators for the employment of sick people - these are the fruits of his work.

And everything began once with a tragic event. The life of Sergei Mikhailovich developed in such a way that at 22 he got into a major auto accident, as a result of which, due to serious injuries, he could not move practically. The predictions of the treating doctors were quite disappointing, and the young man was forced to look for the ways of healing himself. For 27 years he worked hard to regain his health. And he achieved his goal. Based on his own experience of fighting the disease, Dr. Bubnovsky developed his own treatment system, which daily helps a huge number of people.

What is the method based on?

What is the essence of the method? The main thing here is the treatment of the joints and the spine with motion. This method is called kinesitherapy. Usually people who feel pain and discomfort in the joints, try to move as little as possible to ensure the patient's body maximum rest. Doctors usually agree with this approach and prescribe external treatment with ointments, and often begin to insist on surgical intervention. Very often, operations are performed with a hernia of the spine, it is believed that this is almost the only means that can help trouble.

But the method of Dr. Bubnovsky was built primarily on the elimination of hypodynamia. The patient makes special safe exercises, in which the tiny deep muscles that hold the spine are activated. The strength of these muscles is such that when any vertebra is loosened or deformed, they squeeze it with terrible force, trying to hold it in place. This causes hernia, pinching of nerve fibers, etc. The rehabilitation exercises of kinesitherapy can remove muscle spasm and return sick vertebrae to the place.

Complex of pain relievers

  1. Prepare to master the method of Bubnovsky. Exercise for the spine number one begins with a relaxation of the back, and then with its deflection. For this we stand unhurriedly on our knees, hands on the floor. Then on exhalation slowly we bend our backs upwards, and on inspiration we bend downwards. We do everything slowly and smoothly, 20 times.
  2. Exercise, stretching muscles. It is necessary to stand on all fours, then pull the right leg back and sit on the left leg. The left leg pull forward that there is strength, while sinking lower and lower. After everything has been done 20 times, change legs, again do 20 exercises.
  3. The starting position is on all fours. Torso pulling forward, as far as possible, the waist in no case does not bend.
  4. Now let's stretch the back muscles properly. For this, we sit down on all fours, and then we get together. On exhalation, bending both hands in the elbows, bend the body to the floor. On the next exhalation, we straighten our arms, while sitting down on the heels. We do 6 repetitions.
  5. The following movements, which Bubnovsky's method recommends, are an exercise for the spine and at the same time for the abdominal press. We lay down on the back with bent knees, hands are wound behind the head. The trunk on exhalation is raised so that the elbows should touch the knees. For untrained and obese people, this exercise at first may seem too complicated. You can help yourself with your hands.
  6. We make a "half-bridge". For this purpose we lay down on the back, hands lie along the trunk. On exhalation, raise the pelvis as high as possible, lower it with inhalation. This movement can be done up to 30 times.

Adaptive gymnastics

Treatment of the spine according to Bubnovsky's method is recommended by the author of the technique with special adaptive gymnastics. It will help the body tune in the right way. Have prepared, have begun:

  1. Sit on the heels and breathe out actively. On inhalation, raise yourself and make circular circles with your hands. On exhalation return to the starting position.
  2. Carrying out a cleansing breath. At the same time put the palms on the stomach and through the tightly compressed lips to make the sound "pf."
  3. Make an exercise for the press at number 5 from the previous chapter.
  4. Lying on the back, raise the pelvis from the floor. The legs are bent at the knees.
  5. Grouped from a prone position. On exhalation, the trunk and bent legs are raised simultaneously. It is necessary to try to reduce the knees and elbows together.

Exercises for the feet

Treatment of the spine according to the method of Bubnovsky will be more effective if the patient takes the rule regularly during a warm-up to perform these simple exercises to strengthen the feet:

  1. Lie on your back, your hands are on each side, your legs are straight, parted to the width of your shoulders. Thumbs alternately bend and then pull, maximally straining them.
  2. The information system is the same as above. The exercise consists of rotating the stops alternately clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. The former is the same as before. The big toes alternate and get divorced.
  4. The fingers of the feet are compressed as if you want to clamp them with some object, and then spread out in different directions.

Why is it so important to strengthen the feet in diseases of the spine?

Let's talk about the reasons why gymnastics according to the method of Bubnovsky includes such elementary exercises for feet. The thing is that the feet, along with the ankle joints, serve as shock absorbers for walking, which reduces the burden on the back. They have 27 bones, the same number of muscles and 109 ligaments. And all this apparatus should function perfectly. In fact, everything goes wrong, which, of course, adversely affects the spine. That's why it's so important to patiently strengthen the feet.

Classes on special simulators

There are original simulators developed by Bubnovsky himself. Exercises for the spine, performed with the help of these devices, help the fastest return of health. Classes on the simulator of the famous doctor are able to restore the tone of the dorsal muscles, strengthen the muscular frame, they return to the joints lost functions, improve blood supply, normalize and speed up biochemical processes, eliminate pain and spasms, and also contribute to the prevention of diseases of the spine and other joints of our body.

Treatment using the Bubnovsky method with the help of exercises on the simulators is recommended also to those patients who have recently undergone surgery and need rehabilitation. Many patients were convinced on their own experience that the simulator Bubnovsky is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention. Exercises in the gym are shown for both adults and children. The only drawback is that for such classes you will have to attend a special center.

Doctor's recommendations

There are a number of recommendations and advice that Dr. Bubnovsky gives. Exercises for the spine, of course, you need to perform regularly. But that is not all. For example, all of us spend one third of our lives in a dream. Unfortunately, very often our back does not get a proper rest. So what do you need to do?

  1. Pick up a good mattress. It is clear that sleeping on the soft is much more pleasant, but harder is much more useful for our vertebrae.
  2. For the back, the worst thing is when a person sleeps on his stomach. In this case, the neck is curved upwards, and this is an unnecessary burden on the spine. The best position for sleeping is on your side or on your back. Use a special pillow for the body, with its help, you can evenly distribute the weight of the body.
  3. After sleep, you do not need to get up off the bed right away, it's better to spend a little time trying to get the best of it.

Especially for office workers

The method of Bubnovsky, reviews of which can inspire optimism even for people with very large problems with the spine, helps many. But the disease is best prevented, not treated. Here are the recommendations given by a doctor for those who work in the office (these people often suffer from back pain due to a sedentary lifestyle):

  1. It is very important what you are sitting on. If there is no possibility to install an ergonomic chair, then follow your posture. The legs should not be crossed, but the body should bend forward or backward, the knees should be bent at right angles.
  2. Your computer should be at eye level, so you do not have to constantly lower or raise your head.
  3. Be sure to take small breaks every 45 minutes, during which you can stand up and do a little workout.

Bubnovsky's centers

Exercises in hernia spinal Bubnovsky advises to do in special centers under the guidance of experienced instructors. There you can get detailed advice. To date, such establishments are open in many large cities of Russia, their number is constantly increasing. By phone 8-800-555-35-48 you can find out if there is such a center in your city.


Well, now you know a lot about Bubnovsky's method. The exercises described in this article, despite their lightness, are really capable of doing miracles. A healthy elastic spine is one of the signs of youth. Fortunately, to achieve an almost ideal condition of the spinal column is possible at any age. You just need not lose faith in yourself and your strength!