It is fair to assume that we are the hardest to endure two types of pain - dental and ear. Let's talk about the second form in more detail and find out what to treat the stuffed ear. So, go ahead!

The problem of stuffiness of the hearing organs can arise in us very often. This is a rather unpleasant sensation, accompanied by a deafening noise in the ear, a heaviness in the head and a strong sound of your own voice. Sometimes it seems to the patient that water has got there.Good advice: how to treat the stuffed earBefore you know what to treat a pawned ear, you need to specify the reasons for this phenomenon.

The reasons for which lays the ears

  • you have acute otitis media (in other words, inflammation of the middle ear);
  • you have acute inflammation of the Eustachian tube (ear catarrh);
  • possible swelling of the auditory tube during diving to a depth;
  • your hearing can be laid after bathing;
  • rhinitis (common cold);
  • a foreign body (for example, an insect) has entered the ear;
  • presence of sulfuric cork;
  • your nasal septum is twisted.

What if the ear is laid?

  1. Treatment of this problem is unthinkable without the knowledge of the doctor. First of all, you need to consult him for advice. It is worth noting that the most common reason for the obstruction of our hearing organs is the presence of sulfuric plugs in them.
  2. If the reason is in a traffic jam, then there is no need to know about what to treat the pawn ear. The fact is that this problem will be solved directly at the doctor's appointment. The ENT simply clears the organ of hearing for you. This procedure will take no more than 5 minutes and will be absolutely painless.
  3. Never do self-medication! Remember: this unpleasant sensation may indicate otitis. If this is so, then we need to know not how to treat the stuffed ear, but how to cope with the disease causing this unpleasant symptom. That's why you need a doctor's consultation.

Treatment of stuffed ears with folk remedies

Attention! If you are still sure that this problem is in no way related to a serious disease, and it is not possible to pay a visit to the doctor, then use the folk methods of treatment. Remember, this is done only in the most extreme case! And more: never pick in the ears with sharp objects (pins, pins, pens, etc.), as you can damage the eardrum. So, what to do if the ear is pawned?

  1. Drops of hydrogen peroxide will perfectly cope with this problem. Bubbling sulfur will slowly, but surely, release your hearing from your captivity.
  2. If this problem occurs because of pressure changes, you should yawn as widely as possible and often swallow saliva.
  3. You can take a hot bath or shower, and visit the sauna. The fact is that steam is one of the best ways to destroy earwax.
  4. The simplest version of folk treatment of stuffy ears is the following: you need to clamp your nostrils with your hand, breathe one minute with your mouth, and after - exhale, closing your mouth.We warn you: the sensations in your head will not be very pleasant, but the feeling of stuffiness in your ears will immediately disappear. Be healthy.