What knocks down the temperature? Effective tips

Unfortunately, a high body temperature in our time is not uncommon, and it can be one of the manifestations of the symptoms of various diseases. This brings a lot of trouble. In order not to start your bad state and not wait for the most unpredictable consequences, you need to find out what is driving down the temperature and improving your well-being. If the temperature lasts more than one day, fear and panic are quite normal. In horror, we can pounce on all available modern means, seek help from doctors, and look for what knocks down the temperature in our case. Keep your balance! Of course, it's impossible to delay in any case, but it's also not worth hurrying to shoot. The thing is that to a certain extent the temperature is not life-threatening. On the contrary, its increase indicates the effective functioning of the immune system. This fact, of course, a little happy and can even soothe. But still, how to determine the state when you need to start to sound the alarm and start up everything that knocks down the temperature? And why can the temperature of the body rise sharply?

Causes of high temperature

There may be many reasons why the temperature in both the baby and the adult can increase. However, unlike kids whose immune system is just beginning to form, adults have a different mechanism of the immune system: it is able to control any process occurring in the body, and already in accordance with the changes "include" certain indicators. Such a reaction can be caused, for example, by the presence of any bacterial or viral infection, an inflammatory process in the joints and tissues, various allergic reactions or the action of natural hormones. This is just a few common reasons, when without that, which knocks down the temperature, just can not do. Do not avoid the intervention of doctors if the body temperature exceeds 38 ° C. If you or your loved ones are in a similar situation, then knowing what temperature you can knock down, you should start using effective means. In what ways can I use it?

Before you start taking numerous antipyretic drugs, try to take on board several folk advice. Such methods are especially effective when the temperature is not lost when taking modern medications and, in addition to financial costs, no more changes are observed. First of all, you need to try to cool down, and also start drinking more liquid. After all, at a temperature the amount of fluid in the body is significantly reduced, and dehydration leads to an even greater increase. In this case you can drink not only water, but also juices, tea, mors, boldly adding honey, lemon, raspberries and currants. After a while, sweat will appear on the forehead of the patient, and this is a very good sign: the temperature slowly began to subside. After this, you need to undress and rinse well with vodka or alcohol, and do not cover with a blanket. It will, of course, be cold, but this effective method is already used in many clinics. Cold compresses are also one of the popular and effective methods. Water in plastic bottles put in the refrigerator, and getting it, put it in your armpits and under your knees. On the forehead, you can put a towel soaked in cold water. A few more minutes of a warm shower can also very easily alleviate the condition. The methods are simple, but very effective!