When autumn slush comes, a lot of people suffer from various viral diseases. And then practically every person lays his ears with a cold. How to cope with this unpleasant sensation, and because of what it arises?What to do if your ears are blocked after a cold

Reasons for ear congestion

Due to the fact that the organs of hearing and respiration are closely related, those diseases that occur in one system somehow affect the other. Consider the structure of the auditory system to find out why the ears have been laid after a cold.

The first organ of this system is the external ear, which is connected to the tympanic membrane by a small channel. It is a thin film that can be easily damaged. Further behind the tympanic membrane is the middle ear, which is a cavity filled with air. In order not to feel any discomfort, the pressure in the outer and middle ear should be the same. This equilibrium is ensured by the Eustachian tube connecting the middle ear and the respiratory system, leaving the pharynx. The pipe constantly circulates air, maintaining normal pressure in the middle ear. With the common cold, swelling occurs most often, which contributes to narrowing or overlapping of this tube. Then the air stops its movement, and the pressure in the middle ear is unable to stabilize. The feeling that the ears have laid down, after a cold, appears because the tympanic membrane loses its normal position and retracts.

What should I do if I have an ear and it hurts?

To begin with, if the cold is not cured to the end, you need to clean your nose, blowing your nose. In order to discomfort in the nose disappeared, it is also necessary to use vasoconstrictive drops. If these actions did not help, you can perform several exercises:

1 Hold your nose and try to exhale as much as possible. After swallowing several times of saliva, you should feel that the stuffiness in the ear gradually recedes.

2. You can try to inflate an air balloon or blow air from a thin straw. Stagnation should disappear after a couple of minutes.

If you put your ears after a cold, you should also use ear drops or candles. Doctors do not have a unanimous opinion about the effectiveness of each of the means, so for each individual case it is necessary to make an individual treatment plan by contacting a specialist.

How to prevent the occurrence of pain in the ear?

First, in no case should you allow a large amount of mucus to accumulate in the nose. After all, this can cause penetration of mucus in the middle ear and, as a result, its inflammation. Also, do not be too zealous, clearing the nose. In this case, you can not only damage the nasal mucosa, but also allow bacteria to enter the middle ear cavity. The last advice in this situation is a serious attitude towards the common cold. In no case should you let the disease run its course, you should fight it at the initial stages.

Undoubtedly, if you have laid your ears after a cold, it is still worthwhile to seek help from a specialist and get advice on your problem. Doing self-medication and often using vasoconstrictive drugs, you can earn more serious diseases and inflammations. Do not joke with your health!