The sensation of the stuffed ear arose every man at least once in his life. If this happens very briefly, there is no need to worry. But if you have an ear, and does not pass, you may even need to see a doctor. It all depends on what the reason caused this feeling. So, what to do if it pins the ears?

One of the most simple causes of ear congestion is the ingress of water into it. The liquid appears in the Eustachian tube, which affects the hearing. In such a situation, do not try to get wet with a cotton swab or something similar. Doctors do not recommend the use of such remedies at all. The best solution to what to do if it pawns your ears after a shower, will lie on your side and do swallowing movements, pulling the lobe. If the water was deep and hit the middle ear, you can use ear drops with anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Differential pressure drop

During a sharp descent or ascent to the altitude, the body has to endure serious pressure changes. It can even cause pain in the ears. What to do if pawns ears in such situations?What to do if the ears are pawned, and why this happensIt is necessary to repeat the swallowing movements, so that the opening of the Eustachian tube opens and the hearing is restored.

Such a situation, as a rule, is not accompanied by painful sensations, but is associated with deterioration of hearing. Most often, sulfur plugs appear in pathologies of the ear canal: it can be too tortuous or very narrow, and also with increased secretion or improper technique of cleaning the ears with cotton buds. What should I do if I put my ears gray? To do this, you should consult a doctor who will remove the sulfur plugs by flushing or using a special tool - an ear hook.

Runny nose and cold

If there are no inflammatory processes in the ear, but a feeling of complete stasis is still present, and on both sides, and there are no definite reasons for this, it's in the rhinitis. The stuffy nose is directly related to the narrowing of the Eustachian tube, which is responsible for the quality of the hearing.What to do if it lays its ears with a cold? First of all, try to cure the very illness that caused the problem. Nasal drops that remove the swelling of the nose, help to improve and hearing - in the Eustachian tube, too, reduce blood vessels. You can also completely close the nostrils with your fingers and try to exhale through your nose with effort.

If there was a sharp pain, the temperature increased, while constantly lays the ears, then we can talk about the inflammation of the ear. Usually there are other signs of a cold. What to do if pawns ears in this case? Seek medical attention for treatment. Usually prescribed antibiotics, drugs to strengthen immunity, as well as physiotherapy.

In addition, the stuffiness of the ears may be associated with a disruption of the auditory center in the brain. Consultation with a specialist will help avoid complications and prevent disease.