It's no secret that the loss of 50-100 hairs a day (depending on their density) is completely normal. But sometimes the head of hear begins to thin too fast. What if a lot of hair falls out? Are there any home therapies for baldness?

Why does a lot of hair fall out?

What if a lot of hair falls out? Useful recommendations

In fact, partial or complete baldness can occur for completely different reasons. However, most often hair loss is associated with a change in the hormonal background - this can occur during puberty, during pregnancy or menopause. Risk factors can also include the presence of certain chronic diseases and, as a consequence, a violation of normal metabolism. On the other hand, the state of the hair is also affected by the influence of the external environment: exposure to ultraviolet rays, the use of unsuitable care products, the use of hair dryers and ironing. Do not discount the constant stresses, as well as improper nutrition.

And, of course, hair loss can be associated with skin diseases, including seborrhea, bacterial and fungal lesions. But such problems are often associated with other symptoms: dryness and flaking, itching and burning, a feeling of tightness, etc.

What if a lot of hair falls out? Medication methods of treatment

Of course, first of all people with a similar problem need to seek help from a trichologist. After all, if a lot of hair falls out, then first of all you need to find out the reason for such changes, and it's almost impossible to do it yourself.

First, the doctor will check and ask about any other symptoms. In the future, several additional studies will be needed, in particular to determine the presence or absence of endocrine system diseases, hormonal background disorders, etc.

In this case, therapy must necessarily be complex. For a start, it is extremely important to eliminate the underlying cause of alopecia. When hormonal imbalance is broken, hormonal preparations are taken. If the causes lie in the fungal defeat of the scalp, the doctor will prescribe the use of antifungal agents, in particular medicines, shampoos and gels containing ketoconazole.

What if a lot of hair falls out? An effective home mask recipe

Of course, the right drug treatment will help to cope with the problem. Nevertheless, you can try to speed up the process of treatment at home. Extremely useful in this case is considered burdock oil, which perfectly stops the process of hair loss. A small amount of this product must be applied to the scalp, put on a plastic cap and wrap the hair with a towel. After 2-3 hours you can rinse your hair.

In addition, a mask prepared according to the following recipe will also be useful. It is necessary to mix a tablespoon of burdock oil, honey and onion juice, add one egg yolk to the mixture and mix thoroughly. The resulting gruel should be applied to the scalp, cover the hair with a polyethylene cap and a towel, and after 45 minutes rinse. The procedure should be repeated twice a week until complete recovery.

What if a lot of hair falls out? Helpful Tips

Do not forget that the state of the hair and scalp is affected primarily by nutrition and emotional state. Therefore, make sure that your diet is high-grade and includes all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. If hair loss occurs against the background of stress, then it is advisable to take light sedatives. And at least for a while you should stop using lacquers, foams and other hair styling products. And, of course, do not subject the hair to the negative influence of the external environment - limit the use of hair dryers, plaques and rectifiers.