Do not underestimate the danger inherent in ordinary midge: their bites can cause a serious allergic reaction. The situation is also complicated by the fact that they can damage not only the skin but also penetrate the respiratory tract, ears and even the eyes.What to do if you are allergic to midge biteAn allergy to a bite of midge may appear due to the fact that during the contact it injects a special poison. It is because of its toxic effect that redness, itching and reaction of varying severity can develop. Not infrequently as a result of a bite there is a urticaria, there are tumors, pressure rises or even the swelling of the respiratory tract may start, as a result of which the suffocation will develop.

If you have at least once been allergic to a bite of midges, then the rest of your life you better carry with them effective antihistamines. To prevent contact with these insects is simply impossible, so it is much better if you are prepared and can help your body before the reaction. So, right after you realize that you were bitten by a midge, take an antiallergenic remedy.

But even if you do not have any problems and how the allergies to the bite of the midges manifest themselves, you do not know, it's better to ask what it is necessary to do if this unpleasant contact with the insect has occurred. So, at the site of the bite, there is usually a small wound that will hurt and itch. The main thing is not to comb it, but immediately disinfect it: for these purposes you can use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vodka or even spirits. This will disinfect the surface of the skin and prevent infection. In addition, try not to comb the problem: itching will help compress a soda (to do this, add a little water to it until the gruel) or a slice of lemon.

Usually heals the wound no more than 2-3 days, if this process is delayed, then it is better to contact the hospital. It is possible that the allergy to bites of Simuliidae you still have, it just shows up poorly. The doctor will help assess the situation and choose the appropriate antihistamine. Do not underestimate the problem if, at the first contact with an insect, you just had a long time to heal the place of a bite, then the next time you can develop a more severe allergic reaction. In addition, do not hesitate to visit the hospital, if you have swelling of the throat, nose, eyes, joints near the injury sites, there are signs of intoxication, or the reaction has become slow.

Regardless of whether you are allergic to the bite of a midge or not, before you go to the country for a summer cottage or just for a walk into the forest, it is better to treat yourself with mosquito remedies. They are able to protect against most insect species. After all, the principle of the action of repellents is based on the fact that chemicals used in sprays, ointments and lotions scare away midges, mosquitoes, etc. If you think that there can be no serious problems from small insects, then look how the allergy to bites manifests: photo, which clearly shows all the damage to the skin, edema, are widely represented in the medical literature.