Luxurious and fluffy head of hair is a subject of dreams not only for women, but for men. Strong, healthy and, accordingly, beautiful hair always attracts the opposite sex and gives self-confidence. But the trouble is - your hair is gradually beginning to thin out. Many people, before solving this problem, are asked the question: "What makes the hair fall out?" Indeed, it is very important to understand the original cause of baldness in order to plan the treatment correctly.

Why do hair fall out?

What to do if hair falls out very badly: ways of treatmentSo, the most common cause of hair loss is heredity. Unfortunately, if your parents, grandmothers or grandfathers have suffered from this disease, then you are also predisposed to it. Alopecia can be associated with stress. Strongly being overwhelmed or having experienced a deep shock, your body can react in this way. And anyway, any changes in your health, for example, hormonal, can affect the condition of your hair. So, many women after the birth of hair fall out strongly. What to do in all these cases?

Of course, if the problem is related to genetics, then there's nothing to be done. Here you can help unless the transplant. In all other cases, we can tell you what to do if the hair falls out very badly. In shops and pharmacies you will find a lot of drugs that promise to help you. There are so many of them that it is very difficult to choose a good remedy. In this article we will introduce you the most popular folk methods of combating hair loss.

Any mask you choose will work better if before you apply it you first skorbiruet the scalp with sea salt. You can add kefir, so as not to injure the skin too much. Rinse with scrub shampoo after 30 minutes. If you are wondering what to do, if hair falls out very badly, then pay attention to cosmetic and essential oils. Lately, they talk a lot about their healing effects. All you need is for a few hours (you can overnight) to apply any of the proposed oils: burdock, mint, sage or rosemary. These oils will help regenerate your hair and reduce its loss.

The following recipe came to us from the East. Have you ever wondered why Indian women have such healthy and beautiful hair? They certainly never thought about what to do if their hair falls out very much. Their secret is henna. Mixing this product with honey and cognac in the proportion of 2: 1: 1 and adding any essential oil, we will get a magnificent mask for the restoration of your hair.

Before you first make a mask, do a test to find out if it suits you. Apply for half an hour, and if you do not feel discomfort, you can safely continue. Usually owners of fatty hair do not encounter problems using henna (colorless!), While girls with dry scalp may not be able to wear a mask.

Do not forget also about the healing properties of many herbs, when you do not know what to do if hair falls out very much. Prepare the infusion from the leaves of the nettle as follows: chopped leaves pour 500 ml of vodka and let it brew for a couple of weeks. Then dilute the infusion with water and store in a dark container. Rub into the scalp after washing. The same manipulations can be made with other herbs. Better yet, if you combine two products. Dilute henna and add, for example, chopped chamomile. Hold the mask for about an hour on your hair, then rinse with shampoo.