One of the most common problems associated with the kidneys is the formation of stones in them. Concrements can be formed for a variety of reasons. But most often the culprit is malnutrition. Abuse of protein food, flour products, porridges, by-products, certain types of fish (herring, sardines, sprats) leads to clogging of the body. As a result, stones are formed in the kidneys. Uric acid, which plays a major role in the formation of the concrement, causes serious damage to the entire body. This is why periodic cleaning of the kidneys is very necessary.

Key recommendations

Kidneys provide the body with filtration and removal of unnecessary substances. Accordingly, if they are slagged, then they can not fully cope with their work. In certain situations, stones can form in the kidneys. This leads to quite unpleasant complications, one of which is a blockage of the ureteral calculus. In such a situation, only a timely surgical intervention can help the patient.

Cleansing of the kidney folk remedies: recipes of folk medicine

Classical medicine recommends treatment of urolithiasis in three stages:

  • getting rid of the causes that lead to the formation of stones;
  • crushing concretions;
  • mild excretion by natural means.

Kidney cleaning includes adherence to a special diet and the use of certain medications. With this task you can cope with the help of folk remedies. However, several important recommendations should be considered so that the cleaning procedure is as effective as possible without harming:

  • Cleansing of the kidneys with the help of folk remedies can be used only by those patients who have sand or stone in diameter no more than 1 mm.
  • Any therapy should begin only after examination by a doctor.
  • Be sure to discuss with the doctor in charge all ways to cleanse the kidneys. And do not forget that the procedure should be monitored by a specialist.

Why do I need cleaning?

Kidneys are important body filters. They purify the blood of metabolic products and toxic substances. The accumulation of slag and mucus in the channels through which the urine passes helps to form sand, as well as stones. To release the urinary system from such formations, kidney cleansing is necessary. Doctors recommend carrying out such an event 1-2 times a year. At the same time, it is quite permissible to carry it out with the help of folk remedies at home.

Think about the need to cleanse the kidneys should those patients who have symptoms that characterize the poor functioning of these organs:

  • cloudy urine;
  • sweating;
  • the formation of bags under the eyes;
  • rare or, on the contrary, frequent urination;
  • headache of an unexplained character;
  • visual impairment and increased intraocular pressure;
  • discomfort in the lower back (near the kidneys).

It should be noted that cleansing the kidneys, the bladder from the sand and mucus can not only eliminate harmful substances and slags, but also restore the acid-base balance in the body, normalize the water balance and salt metabolism.

Medicated Cleansers

Quite often, drugs are used to purify the kidneys. They are quite popular and in demand. But you should know that it is very dangerous to apply them yourself without consulting a doctor. After all, in some cases, their use can, rather, harm than to benefit.

So, if you need to choose a medicine for cleansing the kidneys, the choice of medication will completely depend on the action that the drug has on the body. We will disassemble in more detail.

To clean the kidneys, doctors can prescribe:

  • Diuretics. These drugs are aimed at preventing the formation of concrements.
  • Preparations, dissolving stones. These funds are recommended for patients who have already formed education.


Such tablets for cleansing the kidneys are better known in the people as diuretics.

Excellent diuretics are:

  • Furosemide;
  • "Lasix";
  • "Veroshpiron";
  • "Hypothiazide";
  • "Indapamide."

These drugs belong to different pharmacological classes. However, they all provide the same final result - stimulate urination. Thanks to this, the kidneys begin to filter blood more actively and release toxins much faster. Of course, such a cleansing at first glance only benefits.

However, it should be remembered that the aforementioned medications have significant drawbacks:

  • They provide too strong a urinary effect. This can lead to dehydration of the body.
  • Many of these drugs contribute to the withdrawal of potassium. As a result, a person has a rather negative symptomatology: paralysis, a disturbed heart rhythm, weakness.
  • Tablets have various side effects. Some of them can worsen the condition of patients suffering from diabetes. Others are capable of provoking vomiting, nausea and many other negative reactions.

Medications that purify the kidneys

On the shelves of pharmacies provided a lot of effective funds. However, do not forget that only your doctor can choose the best medicine. A medicament for cleansing the kidney can be of chemical or natural origin.

Let's consider the most effective medicines made on natural components:

  • Cysto Transit. The composition of the medicine includes horsetail, chamomile, which provide antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. Contained in the preparation of a bird grinder promotes the dissolution of stones. Extracts of the goldenrod of Canada and cranberries are an excellent preventive remedy.
  • "Cyston". This is another tool that has a natural origin and contributes to the removal of stones from the kidneys.
  • "Gortex". It is based on the root of a tree hydrangea. The medicine perfectly regulates water-electrolyte metabolism. As a result, it protects the kidneys from the formation of stones.
  • "Nephrolithine." A magnificent preparation, based on the extract of propolis and 5 medicinal plants (licorice, sporich, calendula, cowberry, bearberry). The drug is recommended for patients suffering from urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, neurosis, cystitis.
  • "Uro Lax." The medication contains extracts of cranberries, hydrangeas, corn stigmas. It perfectly protects against the formation of stones, eliminates inflammation in the urogenital system, stabilizes the processes of metabolism.

Use of folk remedies

Very often for the procedure of purification people resort to the use of znakhar recipes. Cleansing of the kidney folk remedies should be repeated 1-2 times during the year. For cleansing, herbs and products with a diuretic effect are used. In addition, it is necessary to follow a special diet containing a reduced amount of protein and digestible carbohydrates.

However, it is important to remember the contraindications for the procedure:

  • ailments of the prostate;
  • stones larger than 1 mm;
  • recent operations;
  • female bleeding;
  • lactation, pregnancy;
  • suffered heart attack, stroke;
  • ailments of the bladder and kidneys (glomerulonephritis, cyst, pyelonephritis, cystitis).

Birch buds: medicinal properties and contraindications

Since ancient times the white beauty belonged to medicinal trees. It was believed that bathing in a bath is best done with a birch whisk. And the juice of an amazing tree has not only a delightful taste, but also is a real healing elixir. A unique gift of nature is birch buds. The therapeutic properties and contraindications of this component deserve special attention.

Birch buds have a positive effect on the body. Let's consider their basic properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antibacterial;
  • diuretic;
  • diaphoretic;
  • expectorant (thinning phlegm);
  • activating metabolic processes;
  • stimulating reparative functions;
  • regenerative.

But remember that it is forbidden to use birch buds during pregnancy, with kidney failure. So do not forget to consult the doctor first. And only then use the means for cleansing.

Effective drugs from birch buds

For the purification and treatment of the kidneys the following remedies are recommended:

  • Decoction. Birch buds (live or dry) - 9 pcs. they must be filled with water (400 ml.). The mixture is brought to a boil and kept on fine fire for about 10-15 minutes. After cooling, the broth must be filtered. Use recommended 4 times a day for 1 tbsp. l.
  • Alcoholic tincture. Birch buds (1 glass) are poured with 70% alcohol (5 glasses). Tincture put in a dark place for 20-25 days. It is desirable to store the product sealed in a glass dark container. Use tincture in diluted form: for 0.5 tbsp. water - 20-22 drops. In a day, take the medicine 4 times.

Cleansing rose hips

This is another wonderful tool given to man by nature, which is capable of purifying the kidneys. Winters are used in a variety of diseases dog rose. How to brew and how to drink it for the purification of the kidneys?

You can use this recipe:

  • You will need the hips. Thoroughly grind them in a coffee grinder. Take 5 tbsp. l. obtained powder.
  • Pour the crushed component with boiling water (0.5 liters).
  • Leave the agent to infuse in the thermos for the whole night.
  • Infusion should be divided into 2 portions, which are taken twice a day.
  • The recommended course of therapy lasts 2 weeks.

Using the Rose Hips Root

Not only fruits are used for purification. The root of a plant such as a dog rose is quite healing. How to brew and how to drink it?

A wonderful tool that removes sand from the kidneys, is made as follows:

  • Take the root of the dog rose. Choose a plant that is at least 3 years old. Grind it.
  • Root (2 tsp) pour water (1 liter). Pour the mixture into a copper kettle.
  • Boil the medium for 5-10 minutes.
  • Leave to infuse medication in a warm place for the whole night.
  • Use rosehip three times a day for 0.5 cup. The medicine is drunk through a straw to protect the tooth enamel.
  • Treatment lasts 10-15 days. Then it is necessary to interrupt for 1 month. After that, you can again use the dogrose to treat the kidneys.

Cereals cleansing

Perfectly clean the kidneys of the most diverse natural ingredients.

Let's consider some more excellent recipes:

  • Cleansing the kidneys with oats. It is used in the form of a jelly. For the preparation of the product it is necessary to weld the grain in the thermos along with the husks for 12 hours. Then the mixture must be ground in a blender or diluted carefully. Such porridge should serve as breakfast for 2 weeks.
  • Cleansing with flaxseed. The main component (1 tbsp.) Is poured into water (250 ml). The medium is brought to a boil. This is how to prepare a jelly from linseed. If desired, it can be slightly diluted with water. Take the drug every 2 hours for 100 ml for 7 days.

Purification with watermelon

Everyone knows that red sweet flesh has excellent diuretic properties. It is due to this effect that the kidneys can be cleaned with watermelon.

In order to ensure the necessary effect, it is necessary:

  • For 1-2 weeks, use only watermelons.
  • It is allowed to introduce into your diet a small piece of rye bread.

If you plan to cleanse for the winter, then stock up in the summer with a crust of watermelon. They need to be dried in the oven. In winter, it is recommended to make tea from such crusts.

Root of sunflower

How to clean the kidneys from the sand? The excellent agent was offered by phyto-therapeutist Gilev P. V. Hereditary herbalist:

  • It is necessary to grind the sunflower root. This raw material will need 1 glass.
  • We fall asleep powder in boiling water (3 liters).
  • About 5 minutes the composition boils. Then leave the product to cool and filter.
  • Use the broth should be three times a day. Within a day you need to drink 1 liter of medicine. It is recommended to take the remedy for 30 minutes before eating or 1 hour after.

Sunflower root can be used three times. But during the second application you should boil the broth for 10 minutes. And if the raw material is used for the third time, then the cooking time is increased to 15 minutes.