Than to knock down temperature at the adult? This question is rare, but almost every person on our planet has ever appeared. A sudden rise in temperature always indicates that there are any inflammatory processes in the body. Most often this symptom is associated with a common cold. If this is the case, and the mercury column did not rise too high, then the temperature can be knocked down without consulting the doctor.

What temperature can you knock down an adult yourself?

Than to knock down temperature at the adult person: practical advice

Unlike young children, the immune system of an adult is already formed, so a slight increase in temperature can and should not be knocked down (37-37.8 ° C). However, if the values ​​of the thermometer began to approach 39 degrees, then it can be normalized by own forces. If the temperature exceeds the above-mentioned figure, the patient should be urgently taken to the doctor. But to call an "ambulance" should be only in those cases, if the thermometer indicates that a person has a fever of 40-41 degrees. It should be noted that with such values, the patient may even have convulsions or hallucinations.

By the way, quite a lot of people are interested in the question of whether it is necessary to shoot down the temperature of an adult. After all, according to experts, this deviation can kill viruses and prevent their further reproduction in the body. That is why the temperature should be brought down only if it exceeds the value of 37.8 ° C.

Than to knock down temperature at the adult (medicamentous preparations)

With a significant increase in temperature, a person feels broken, his working capacity decreases, headaches appear, as well as pains in muscles and joints. To improve their condition, the following medicines can help an adult:

  • "Aspirin";
  • "Fervex";
  • "Panadol";
  • "Rince";
  • "Paracetamol";
  • "Teraflu";
  • "Coldrex Hotem" (can be with the taste of black currant, lemon and honey).

If the patient has a fever that is too high, 2 tablets of "Paracetamol", "Aspirin" or "Acetaminophen" should be taken every 4 hours. It is required to drink plenty of water.

Folk ways to help lower body temperature

Very often, the answer to the question of how to knock down the temperature of an adult is the usual folk recipes, which absolutely anyone can use on their own. So, let's imagine the most effective and proven methods.

  • In hot strong tea, you should add a large spoonful of vodka or cognac, slowly drink, warmly take cover, go to bed and sleep.
  • During a period of elevated temperature, you need to drink plenty of fluids. For this hot tea with honey and lemon is good.
  • Instead of the usual food is recommended to use such citrus fruits as lemon, grapefruit or orange.
  • If the temperature is too high, then the patient's body can be rubbed with table vinegar diluted in water in equal proportions.
  • Also from the increased temperature it is recommended to drink decoctions from a mixture of such medicinal plants as chamomile, hawthorn, motherwort and cucumber.

Now you know what to knock down the temperature of an adult, what means can be used for this without any fear.