What's wrong with Adeline Sotnikova's sister? What is the diagnosis of Masha Sotnikova, Adeline Sotnikova's sister?What's wrong with Adeline Sotnikova's sister? This question is often asked by fans of the young figure skater. In connection with this, we decided to devote the article to this topic.

Who is Adeline Sotnikova?

Before we find out what the sister of Adeline Sotnikova is sick with, we decided to tell in more detail about the sportswoman herself. After all, it was she who recently proved to the whole world that she is the best young skater. As you know, this happened at the current Olympics-2014, in the Russian city of Sochi. After a hard and hard struggle with very strong athletes from other countries, Adeline Sotnikova was recognized as the best and deservedly received a gold medal in a solo performance.

Russian record holder

It should be especially noted that the 17-year-old champion of the Olympics-2014 did not just win a gold medal, but also showed how great the potential of our huge country in figure skating. After all, it was she who broke several records, which allowed her to get ahead in points. By the way, Irina Slutskaya, who won only silver and bronze medals, was the best in the single figure skating. Partly the current champion helped to win Masha's illness (Adeline Sotnikova's sister). After all, on the personal recognition of the figure skater, her talent and perseverance would hardly lead to an excellent performance of the planned program without constant thoughts about the very native and close person. So what is Sister Adeline Sotnikova's illness? You will see the answer to the question asked a little lower.

Family bonds

Even before the performance at the Olympics-2014 silver medalist of the European Championship Adeline Sotnikova told journalists about her motivation for further performances on the ice. She told me that she has a sister who has serious health problems. To some extent, this unpleasant event in the life of the figure skater and became one of the factors that still keeps her in the big sport, especially at crucial moments. The girl very much wants to help her sister and must earn as much as possible. Masha was already three operations. This required a lot of money. And in this they were very much helped by Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova. She quickly found a sponsor (company) that paid all current expenses. The sportswoman noted that she and Masha were lucky with their parents: they have a friendly family, although they all gather together only on weekends. Adeline has a pretty close and trusting relationship with her mother. And she perfectly understands how Mom and Dad have a hard time.

What is sick sister Adeline Sotnikova?

As you know, Adeline Masha's younger sister suffers from the syndrome of Tricher Collins (or Treacher Collins syndrome) from the very childhood. By the way, this rare disease has another name, which sounds like "maxillofacial dysostosis." This is an autosomal dominant disease characterized by craniofacial deformity. For the first time it was described in 1900 by the English ophthalmologist Collins Edward Tricher.

Main symptoms

The diagnosis of Adeline's sister Sotnikova Masha was diagnosed by doctors immediately after her birth. It should be noted that for such a serious disease characterized by a marked deformation of the skull and face. In addition, a sick person can completely lose his hearing. With this disease, the patient often has potentially life-threatening airway deviations. That's why Masha Sotnikova (Sister Adeline Sotnikova), like thousands of other patients, is constantly observed in doctors.

Degrees of disease

There are several degrees of this disease - from almost imperceptible signs to very severe forms. It should be noted that in most patients with this diagnosis the facial bones are rather poorly developed. This leads to the fact that a person has a "sunken" face, a very large nose, small jaws and a small chin. Some patients have a wolf mouth.

With more severe forms of the disease, micrognathia displaces the children's tongue so that it forms an obstruction in the oropharynx, as a result of which the patient may develop abnormalities in the airway, which is extremely dangerous for life. In order to prevent death, the epiglottis should be surgically removed. Knowing about these subtleties, Adeline Sotnikova from childhood did everything to succeed in figure skating and earn enough money, so necessary for the treatment of her sister. Adeline in 4 years, got on skates, and thanks to this motivation, after 8-9 years, performed the most complex figures on the ice.

Causes of the disease

For what reason did Masha Sotnikova get sick with this ailment? The Syndrome of Tricer Collins is an exclusively genetic disorder. Most often, the cause of such a life-threatening disease is a nonsense mutation (or the appearance of a stop codon) in the TCOF1 gene, which leads to further haploinsufficiency. The presented syndrome passes by heredity according to the autosomal dominant principle and occurs only in 1 out of 50,000 newborn children. This disease occurs at a fairly early stage of development of the fetus. To date, the relationship between the state of health of the mother or father with the appearance of such a mutation is not revealed.

It should be noted that this diagnosis is most often put in the maternity hospital. After all, this disease has clear clinical signs (especially in severe forms), namely: severe strabismus, small size of the mouth, ears and chin, as well as eyelid colobanks and an enlarged nose. By the way, it is these symptoms of the disease that make it very difficult to feed a newborn baby, which puts his life in danger.

Intellect and physical abilities

Sister Adeline Sotnikova Masha, like other patients with the syndrome of Tricer Collins, is physically weakened. But at the same time, her intellect is fully preserved. Such patients go through all the stages of growing up on a par with their healthy peers. Although it should be noted that in some cases there may still be a delay in psychological development. In addition, often hearing impairment in such patients causes negative speech effects. Also, external changes can become a rather serious psychological problem for girls and boys, from which it is rather difficult to struggle without special help.

Treatment of the disease

The treatment of the Tricer Collins syndrome depends on the degree of the existing disease. Typically, this therapy includes the following procedures:

  Genetic counseling. Can be carried out both for an individual and for the whole family (depending on whether the disease is hereditary or not).

  • Wearing hearing aids (in case the patient develops conductive hearing loss).
  • Dental and orthodontic treatment. It is necessary to correct an incorrect bite.
  • Speech therapy sessions with specialists, which are aimed at improving communication skills. By the way, defectologists work with those people who have problems with swallowing drinks or food.
  • Surgical methods. Operations help improve the appearance of a person, as well as the quality of his life.