It is natural that a person has the freedom of movement, he fully owns his own body - this is necessary for normal life. However, not many of us thought that this required the correct functioning of a huge number of systems. It is necessary to appear at least a small failure in the work of this well-established “machine”, and we are frightened by the fact that we are no longer masters of our own hand or foot. Therefore, quite often patients come to the doctor with complaints that their hands are numb. The reasons for this phenomenon, we will try to make out in this article.Do your hands often go numb? Causes of the problem

Here are some of the most common causes of hand numbness.

1. Osteochondrosis. This disease damages the cervical spine, and if the patient additionally also has a disc herniation, a situation occurs when the nerve roots of the spinal cord are simply pinched. The patient may feel a crunch and pain in the neck, general weakness and naming of the hands. All kinds of neuritis, plexitis, appearing after fractures of the hands, with dislocations of the joints, often provoke false sensations - paresthesias.

2. If hands become numb, the reasons may be the malfunctioning of small branches of the nervous system. A spasm in small vessels of the hand may appear — Raynaud's disease. A clear sign - the fingers and hand suddenly turn blue or turn white, and also lose sensitivity. Most often this happens because of diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. But there are times when the cause cannot be easily identified.

3. If the hands go numb, the causes may be circulatory insufficiency. Therefore, patients with such a complaint should watch their own habits and postures. It is possible to press the vessels with arms constantly crossed on the chest, unnaturally turned neck ... Excess lactic acid and lack of oxygen in the muscles often provoke numbness of the hands. The same symptom occurs in patients with anemia and diabetes.

4. If hands become numb, the reasons may be hiding in the wrong nutrition of tissues, inflammatory or degenerative changes in blood vessels and nerves. Also for this reason, the patient may develop chronic hypovitaminosis.

Numb leg - causes

Numbness of any limb in the first place can talk about the wrong blood circulation. Blood brings oxygen and glucose to tissues. If the blood enters in small quantities or ceases to flow completely, it affects the state of health very quickly. And the pump that drives blood through our bodies is the heart. It just so happened that it is the legs that are farthest from the “pump”, therefore, blood supply disorders are most often found in the lower limbs. So the most frequent and most basic cause of numbness in the legs is a violation of the blood supply to the vessels.

  1. Hypercooling may interfere with the blood supply to the legs. Therefore, warm footwear in winter is a must. Supercool numbness always begins with fingers. It should immediately take measures to warm the toes. For example, you can take off your shoes and get a massage.
  2. Numb legs can with diseases of the cardiovascular system. If the heart does not cope well with its functions, various parts of the body may suffer from it. There may be problems in the vessels themselves. Particularly wary of people with diabetes.
  3. In diabetes mellitus, a diagnosis called “diabetic foot” is possible, in which blood almost ceases to flow to the tissues of the feet, and they become numb.
  4. If you sit on your leg for a long time, it also becomes numb, but as soon as the blood circulation returns to normal, the problem disappears.