Boost Your Meal Prep Business
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The word Vegan has been gaining popularity in the last few years, mainly due to social media. As a result, many new products and companies have been built on this trend. allows individuals to look at vegan meal delivery service opinions to understand which vegan meal delivery options are available.

The meal prepping business offers a healthy and storable solution for busy individuals who lack time to cook a fresh meal. Millennials and Generation Z prefer homemade dishes, such as vegan meal delivery service options or protein-enriched meal delivery options. The market’s development shouldn’t be underestimated as the global meal prepping business has seen an annual growth of 13 per cent per year; the segment is good for $10.26 billion.

Prejudice towards meal-prep

There are prejudices regarding meal prepping. People assume that meal

prepping consumes a lot of time, especially finding recipes that fit into the portion sizes. In addition, purchasing every ingredient in the correct quantity sounds like too much hassle before the cooking even starts. However, a large amount of cooking done for the week is also withholds busier individuals to meal prepping in regards to the timeliness.

The solutions offered by companies such as HelloFresh, Simply Cook, Balance Box, and Mindful Chef offer subscriptions with the freedom in selecting for how many people there have to be cooked for, provide the ingredients necessary for the dish as they provide the subscription holder with the recipes. The only condition these meal delivery box subscriptions do not fulfil is that the customer still needs to cook daily meals.

Flipping the script

This is the opportunity for the meal prepping business to market themselves by clearing up negative notions and explaining how their concept works. The strategy will allow the company to convince the busy working student or professional to subscribe to their service. By breaking down other meal box subscriptions, the company can persuade the potential customer to take the subscription.

Another exciting facet that presents an opportunity for companies in the meal

prepping industry to boost their business is the target market. By focusing on a specific niche, the company can build a stable subscribers base, improve the quality of the available services, and further expand the business.

Using Prejudices to Your Advantage:

Although, the meal prep industry is doing well and growing due to the interest of the Millennials and Generation Z’s busy schedules and preference for freshly cooked meals with little effort. The industry still faces prejudices regarding its business; there are more opportunities to exploit by offering information on their business and focusing on the target market. Therefore, taking prejudices as opportunities as a meal prepping business is reliable to inform about industry-leading to potential expansion.

Influencers to get food inspiration from

Since we are talking about Generation Z, why not try to reach them through Social Media, where influencers will catch their attention faster than any other marketing channel. With the help of social media, many vegan influencers promote their lifestyle and give insight and inspiration to others. So if you ever need any inspiration or encouragement to keep on with your vegan lifestyle, these vegan influencers will surely help you out:

  1. Fearne Cotton
  2. Niomi Smart
  3. Demi Donnelly
  4. Jess Beautician