About half of all people on Earth suffer from asthenia syndrome. It can be considered a psychosomatic disorder, which requires special treatment. But most people who have this problem think that they are just tired, and doctors are not treated. Yes, asthenia syndrome has much in common with usual fatigue. But unlike him, he does not pass after rest and reflects on overall efficiency and mood. This is due to the fact that the nervous system is depleted and the balance of nerve cells is disturbed. Therefore, there is asthenia.Asthenia: what it is and how to treat itWhat is it, you need to know in time to begin treatment.

Symptoms of asthenia

This disease is manifested by increased fatigue, decreased efficiency and memory impairment. A man complains of a breakdown, weakness, drowsiness and weakness. He finds it difficult to get up in the morning, and at night he does not sleep well. The patient becomes irritable, excitable or, conversely, listless, capricious and apathetic. Deterioration of concentration and effectiveness of thinking.

If these symptoms are not associated with physical stress and do not pass after rest, then you have asthenia. What is it, the doctor-psychotherapist will explain best, as it is connected basically with psychosomatic reasons. To treat this disease is necessary, because in neglected cases can be added other symptoms: pain in the heart and back, sweating, palpitations, sleep disturbances and even weight loss.

Causes of asthenia

Why does asthenia occur? What is it, know all the doctors, because very often people turn to them with complaints about fatigue and reduced efficiency. Asthenia syndrome can develop against the backdrop of severe infectious diseases, chronic heart and vascular diseases, after trauma or with hormonal changes in the body. In this case, the patient receives timely treatment.

But most people experience asthenia at home. It arises because of lack of sleep, overwork or a wrong schedule of work with frequent business trips and night shifts. People think that they will rest and everything will go away, but they often miss the time, which is important for treatment. And there is irritability, a sense of anxiety, a decrease in appetite and depression.

Treatment of asthenia

And here after visit to the doctor to you the diagnosis "asthenia" is diagnosed. How to treat this disease?

1. First of all, you need to adjust the regime of the day: go to bed on time, rest in the afternoon and walk more outdoors. Be sure to sleep well and exercise. It is very useful to swim or take a contrast shower.

2. You need to change the power. Food should be easily assimilated and high-calorie. Give up stimulants like coffee and strong tea. Be sure to have breakfast in the morning - porridge and fruit will give a good charge of cheerfulness for the whole day. A patient with asthenia needs to include more in his diet foods rich in protein, tryptophan and vitamin B. This is cheese, eggs, grain bread, bananas and meat.

3. It is necessary to take vitamins and minerals. Especially useful are ascorbic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A and E. In addition to taking multivitamin preparations, eat more fruits and vegetables.

4. Give up bad habits. Alcohol and smoking interfere with the absorption of vitamins and destroy brain cells.

5. To improve performance, you can take extracts of ginseng, eleutherococcus, as well as the drug "Pantocrin" or the root of the leuzea. With increased irritability and sleep disturbance in the evening, drink tea with hops, valerian or oregano.

Asthenia is becoming more common now. What is it is already known even to children. It is necessary to be able to recognize its symptoms in time to consult a doctor.