Stem cell rejuvenation: before and after photos

Anyone, regardless of the shade of the skin, sex, religion and other distinctive features, dreams of remaining young as long as possible. Millions of scientists work all the time to create an "elixir of youth." In this area, there are even truly fantastic developments that are based on the cultivation of new organs, nano-technologies, etc.

Camphor oil in the ear: when and how to apply

Camphoric oil is extracted from the bark of trees growing in the tropics. It has found wide application in aromatherapy, cosmetics and medicine. Has a local-irritating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic effect. The drug contains a mixture of vegetable oil and camphor with 10% concentration. Produced in the form of an ointment, alcohol or oil solution. But how correctly to apply camphor oil in the ear with otitis?

What is treated by a gerontologist

Gerontology is a relatively young science that appeared in the last century (after the Second World War) and is actively developing to this day. What is in the competence of a gerontologist - about this and not just read in the article.

Nitevaya lift of face and body - what we know about it

The filament lifting does not injure the tissue and does not leave scars and scars, because under the skin the threads are inserted through microprojections using special thin needles, does not require rehabilitation in the hospital, is performed for an hour and under local anesthesia.

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