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Dried or fresh? Figs

How useful is fresh figs? These juicy thin-skinned fruits contain carotene, ascorbic, tannins, fatty acids, proteins, trace elements (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium) and sugar. What is the difference between dried fruits and fresh fruit? The difference is that the fresh sugar content is about 25%, while in dried fruits it is increased to 40%, while the dried fruit is stored much longer.

Treatment of the intestines with folk remedies

To date, the most common internal diseases are various ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. Many of us at least once in my life have experienced problems with the functioning of the intestines. Diseases of this kind can be observed in people of any age. Various methods of drug therapy are used to eliminate the ailments. In addition, it is possible to treat intestines with folk remedies.

How to take grape oil

Several millennia of grape attracts the attention of man. He enjoys constant love. It is difficult to find another plant that would be so strongly sung in verse, legends, songs.

Strengthening blood vessels: folk remedies

With age, the vessels become weaker, clogged, the blood can no longer flow in the right amount to all systems, so the body manifests failures. The first signs of problems with blood vessels are worsening mood, poor health and fatigue, hypotension. Time spent cleaning and strengthening of vessels by national means will allow to avoid campaigns on doctors and again to feel excellently.

What herbs can be used to improve metabolism

One of the main causes of many human diseases is a metabolic disorder. In folk medicine, there are many recipes and fees that help solve this problem and do not cause side effects. Different herbs that improve metabolism, it is better to apply the courses, taking breaks between them. The fees can be purchased at the pharmacy, but it is advisable to make them yourself from those herbs that are right for you.

Ivan-tea: benefit and harm

In Russia, from ancient times, they knew and actively used for such purposes long-standing grass such as ivan-tea. The benefits and harms of it were tested not by one generation of Rusich, but the recipes for medicinal broths and drinks from it were inherited. About this, what kind of grass, what it looks like and why it can be used in modern life, this article will tell.

Useful properties of lavender for human health

In ancient Rome, flowers of a perennial shrub lavender plant were used as a natural flavor for bathing. From time immemorial, the inhabitants of Greece knew about it. They fumigated their homes with dried beams of plants, saturating the room with a floral fragrance. Lavender grows in the Canaries and in India, as well as in the Mediterranean countries.

Vacuum therapy for osteochondrosis (responses)

Vacuum therapy implies the therapeutic use of air for local treatment. At the same time, a certain pressure is observed, which must necessarily be several times lower than the atmospheric pressure. This method of therapy is often called can massage, endomassage or decompression.

Tincture of chestnuts from varicose veins: recipe

Varicose veins are a scourge that often whips through the feet of a modern person. Medicine does not stop in the fight against insidious disease, taking in its arsenal of new pharmacological drugs, the all-pervasive laser. But the old means of alternative medicine are not forgotten, because they are not experienced by one generation. Many claim that they were helped by tincture of chestnuts from varicose veins.

How to increase the white blood cell count

The normal level of leukocytes in the blood is an indicator of good health. Their number should be in the range from 4000 to 10,000 ml. The results of the analysis may show an increase or decrease in these white blood cells. Before to understand, why it occurs, it is necessary to find out, that such leukocytes.

Kotovnik: medicinal properties and contraindications, use and recipes

Kotovnik, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which we will consider in this article, is a perennial plant of the labiate family. It is often called cat's grass, mint, booze, field balsam, as well as a matte, a cat, sable grass and fragrant chandra. Consider this plant in more detail: what it is itself, what are the healing properties and how to apply it properly.

The benefits of grape seed: use in medicine and cosmetology

Perhaps, for most, it will be a surprise that the pulp itself contains no more than 10% of useful substances. Antioxidants, which are the main advantage of this plant in front of others, mainly contain grape bones. The use of them for the body simply can not be overestimated. That is why this raw material is used in cosmetology, food industry and medicine.

Camel wool belt: description, properties, testimonies

Often in the lumbar region there are unpleasant pain. They can be signs of a serious illness, for example, osteochondrosis or rheumatism. Cope with the bouts of pain is not always possible. However, if you wish, you can prevent further development of the disease. In such situations, many use a belt of camel wool. Indications for use in such a product are very extensive.

Widely known thermal water

Thermal water - what is this liquid? This concept includes mineral waters extracted from healing underground sources. At the same time, their chemical composition contains many natural minerals and various trace elements.

Back massage

Properly conducted massage not only helps to relax, but also struggles with some quite unpleasant diseases. Since these procedures need to be carried out by a course that is not expensive, many begin to practice pleasant home treatment. Most often in such conditions, a back massage is performed. How to do it right?

Amaranth oil

Curative properties have amaranth oil. Benefits and harm have long been studied. Oil is valuable in the content of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

Adam's apple (маклюра): application, feedback, recipes

In hot climatic conditions on the territory of Central Asia, Stavropol, Krasnodar Territory, Crimea, an interesting deciduous tree grows with fruits similar to an orange. But they are inedible. Moreover, they are poisonous. People call the tree "Adam's apple", or "Maklura." The use of poisonous "oranges" found after all. They are used in folk medicine.

"Sophora Japanese" preparation (tincture): instruction for use

The tincture of "Sophora of Japanese" fruit, a tree belonging to the family of legumes, is very popular. The plant reaches 25 meters high, has a spherical crown, fructifies with juicy beans harvested in bundles. The drug has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, and in combination with vitamin C strengthens the walls of the vessels. These properties allow the use of a remedy for the therapy of colitis, sclerotic vascular lesions, typhoid fever.

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