Apples are the most accessible source of vitamins and minerals. They are sold all year round in grocery stores, and their value does not greatly affect the family budget. However, life to any person can be overshadowed by an allergy. Red apples most often cause ailment. From this article you will learn what symptoms it accompanies, and whether it is possible to get rid of it forever.

Benefits of apples

All fruits contain a large number of vitamins and trace elements. An integral part of them is also fiber. Among the whole variety of delicious dainties, apples are the most popular. They are considered an indispensable product in the human diet. Why?

  • The high content of vitamin C has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system.
  • Potassium contributes to the normalization of the glands of internal secretion, nutrition of the heart muscle.
  • A large amount of phosphorus allows calcium to be better absorbed.
  • Sodium stabilizes blood pressure, leading to an average.

Regular use of apples positively affects the digestive system. The components contained in them stimulate the production of gastric juice, improving appetite. Unfortunately, not always the presence of this product in the diet is associated with health benefits. For many people, apples cause allergies.Allergic to apples in children and adults

The main causes of the disease

The composition of apples includes a special protein Mal d1. It is he who most often becomes the culprit of an allergic reaction. The amount of this substance in the fruit depends on the shelf life. It is also necessary to know that the level of Mal d1 in the skin is much higher than in the pulp. The protein is characterized by sensitivity to high temperatures. When heated, its concentration decreases. It is enough to cook apples out of apples, bake a cake or make a souffle so that the fruit is suitable for allergic use.

An equally common cause of the disease is hereditary predisposition. If a mother or father has an allergy to apples, the risk of a child's recurrence is 50%. When both parents suffer from manifestations of pathology, the likelihood of its occurrence increases to 90%.

The most serious forms of allergy to apples are caused by chemicals, which process fruits to give them a presentation. Small farms use easily washed substances under a stream of warm water. On an industrial scale, the fruit is treated with biphenyl (E230). This food preservative prevents the reproduction of fungi, bacteria and mold. Diphenyl is soluble in benzene and alcohol, but not in water. Its use is permitted on the territory of Russia, Belarus and the EU countries.

Does color and variety matter?

Scientists have repeatedly attempted to infer hypoallergenic varieties of apples. The experiments were based on information that different types of fruits contain different amounts of Mal d1 protein. Studies of scientists from Switzerland have shown that the greatest allergic potential is possessed by the following varieties:

  1. Granny Smith.
  2. Coke Orange Pepin.
  3. Golden Delicious.

Among the hypoallergenic varieties of fruit crops can be identified:

What experts say about the color of fruit? Does it affect the severity of the reaction of the body? Allergy most often occurs on coloring pigments. They are contained not only in the skin, but also in the flesh of the fruit. Therefore, doctors recommend using green apples in the diet. They are considered the safest option for allergy sufferers. They have less sugar, but more vitamins and micronutrients. However, the allergy to green apples is also not ruled out.

Recognize the problem yourself

The hypersensitivity of the immune system can manifest itself in different ways. The main symptoms of the disorder appear in the first few hours after eating fresh fruit. Eruptions in the oral cavity accompanied by severe itching may indicate the onset of an allergic reaction. There are also other symptoms of intolerance to sweet treats:

  • From the respiratory system: discharge from the nasal passages, nasal congestion, inflammation of the tissues of the mucous membranes, cough.
  • From the digestive tract: vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the epigastric region.
  • Skin manifestations: redness, tenderness and swelling of individual parts of the body.

An allergy to apples is a serious disorder, which can only be confirmed after carrying out skin tests. Based on the results of the tests, the doctor discusses with the patient the possible treatment options.

Features of the manifestation of the disease in children

In babies, the first symptom of an allergy to apples is a rash all over the body. In addition, the body can respond with diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Pediatricians explain such a clinical picture by the imperfection of the digestive tract and the deficiency of certain enzymes. However, individual cases of intolerance to the product should not be ruled out.

Breasts, to which apples are given as the first complementary food, usually react to fruits with diathesis. Almost always, pathology is accompanied by a loose stool and strong flatulence. To be frightened of similar signs it is not necessary, but it is better not to hurry with a lure. Pediatricians are advised to try again in a few months.

The allergy to apples in children by its features is practically the same as for adults. The only difference is that the child can "outgrow" the disease and get rid of his symptoms without the help of medications. The first signs of intolerance usually cause the parents to exclude the sweet delicacy from the ration of the child. However, to give it up for life is not worth it.

Can there be an allergy to apples during pregnancy?

After the conception of the child, the woman's body begins to change. There are new taste preferences, and once-loved foods can be disgusting. If a pregnant woman has found intolerance to apples, which used to be eaten in large quantities, you should not be frightened. Such a reaction of the body doctors explain the change in the hormonal and immune status.

What should I do if the first symptoms of the disorder appear? It is necessary to tell this to an obstetrician-gynecologist who observes pregnancy. For some time, it is better to exclude apples from the diet. With the right approach and observance of the recommendations of the doctors, an allergic reaction to the baby should be reflected on the health of the baby, as well as on the well-being of the woman in the future.

Ways to treat allergies

When the first symptoms of intolerance appear in a child, it is necessary to contact the immunologist or pediatrician, and also to exclude apples from the diet. Depending on the manifestations and severity of the disease, the doctor will prescribe medication. The standard course of therapy includes the use of the following drugs:

  • Histamine blockers (Claritin, Suprastin). Help remove allergy symptoms, improve health. The drugs are administered individually. They go on sale in the form of a syrup, a spray, a gel or tablets. In the absence of positive dynamics, it is urgent to replace the medicine.
  • Corticosteroids. They are used to facilitate respiratory processes.
  • Homeopathic remedies. Appointed in the case of an accurate definition of the source of allergies, require a long application.

To purify the blood, the doctor sometimes prescribes a procedure called plasmapheresis. With this approach, the positive effect of the treatment may persist for several months. In rare cases, immune therapy is prescribed, in which an allergen is introduced into the human body in gradually increasing doses. As a result, stable immunity is produced. Duration of treatment is 3-4 years.

Help for Alternative Medicine

What other actions can be taken if the allergy to apples has worsened? Symptoms of the disorder can be quickly removed with the help of folk remedies, for example, honey. Healers advise to add crochets from honeycombs to tea or milk. Improvement of the condition is observed after a month.

Another useful tool is a decoction of sage. To make it, you need to pour 100 g of dried leaves of the plant with water, boil for 10 minutes. The resulting drink is recommended to be used several times a day until the symptoms disappear completely.

Possible complications

An allergy to apples is a fairly common ailment that requires competent treatment with the use of medicines. It's not enough just to exclude fruits from the diet. Neglect of the doctor's recommendations often results in serious complications. Some patients are constantly harassed by a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, in others, the swelling of the respiratory tract leads to chronic bronchial asthma. This is a serious disease requiring qualified medical care. The most dangerous manifestation of it is the swelling of Quincke. From other pathologies, he is distinguished by the depth of the lesion. Another serious consequence of an allergy is anaphylactic shock. The speed of its development can vary from a few seconds to 5 hours. This condition is accompanied by loss of consciousness, a drop in blood pressure and other vital indicators. In 10% of cases, anaphylactic shock ends with the patient's death.

Preventive measures

Is it possible to prevent the occurrence of such an ailment as an allergy? Apples, whose photos stimulate appetite, are considered a useful product. They contain a lot of vitamins and micronutrients. Unfortunately, with intolerance of this sweet delicacy it is necessary to face both adults and children. Allergies can cause not only protein Mal d1, but also chemicals present on the skin of the fruit. Therefore, to prevent an illness, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Before use, wash fruits under hot running water.
  2. Peel the peel off the apples.
  3. Heat the fruit.
  4. When symptoms of intolerance appear, it is better to exclude apples from the diet.

Rashes all over the body, tearing, respiratory failure - all these signs indicate an allergic reaction. To be sure of its source, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. After carrying out skin tests and full diagnostics the specialist will be able to accurately identify the allergen, suggest measures for its elimination. Be healthy!