Signs of an allergy in adults

In recent years, people have increasingly become sensitive to these or other irritants. And the signs of allergy in adults are encountered when dealing with both synthetic substances and with very ordinary products and materials. This state gives a lot of inconvenience, but it is still possible to solve this problem.

Allergies in August: Causes and Treatment

Unfortunately, at the end of the summer many people begin to show signs of hay fever. This is due to the flowering of weeds related to the family of Compositae and Mind. After reading today's article, you will find out what allergy is in August and what to do with the first signs of the disease.

Pediatric panel of allergens

Getting into a big and noisy world around, newborn babies are faced with a mass of all sorts of bacteria, viruses and allergens. Each of these factors in its own way affects the still not strengthened crumbs.

Analysis for allergen in children

Often parents complain that with the onset of heat and the beginning of flowering trees, the child starts to have a runny nose, itching, swelling. In this case, you need to consult an immunologist to rule out an allergy. It can arise unexpectedly, there are quite a few reasons for the appearance. Before appointing treatment, the doctor will make an analysis for the allergen. In children, it is carried out in several ways. How much they are informative, we will talk in the article.

Allergy to gel-varnishes: symptoms, treatment, drugs

Masters of manicure do not cease to amaze their customers with novelties. These include new technologies, and more modern and sophisticated materials. Today we will talk about one of these new products - gel-lacquer. Many women find it an excellent solution for the continued preservation of the attractive look of their nails. This and their brightness, and resistance to household chemicals. But is it safe? Could there be an allergy to gel-lacquer? The answer to this question we will try to give you in this article.

How to choose the right antiallergenic drugs

If you know firsthand what an allergy is, then you probably know the problem of selecting special remedies. It is often difficult to determine what to buy: some anti-allergic drugs can cause side effects, while others are too expensive.

Allergy to bloom: symptoms, prevention and treatment

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year when nature begins to awaken, everything around comes to life and starts to bloom. Here are just blooming this brings some not joy, but an exacerbation of pollinosis (seasonal allergy to flowering), the symptoms and treatment of which we consider in this article.

Allergy from drops to the nose

Allergy from nasal drops may appear due to individual intolerance of the components that make up the drug. Before the appointment of a specific drug, doctors conduct the necessary diagnostics and select for each patient individually drops in the nose against allergies.

Allergic to apples in children and adults

Apples are the most accessible source of vitamins and minerals. They are sold all year round in grocery stores, and their value does not greatly affect the family budget. However, life to any person can be overshadowed by an allergy. Red apples most often cause ailment. From this article you will learn what symptoms it accompanies, and whether it is possible to get rid of it forever.

Sprays from allergies: a mini-review of drugs

How to choose the right spray for allergy, the price of which does not always correspond to the declared quality and the curative effect? The choice is complicated by the fact that on the counters of pharmacies a real army of bottles and "sprays" is presented to suppress unpleasant symptoms.

Allergic rhinitis in a child: how to treat

Young children are very vulnerable to various kinds of diseases. Allergic diseases also threaten babies. If your child has experienced allergic rhinitis, do not panic. We will tell you what allergic rhinitis is in a child and how to treat it.

Allergy to metal: causes, symptoms, treatment

Scientists have proven that an allergy to metal is an overly common skin disease and occurs in about 10% of people. This diagnosis, you see, sounds very exotic. But still brings a lot of unpleasant sensations is the above-mentioned allergy to metal. Gold and silver, metal buckle belt, cash coins, zippers on fashionable jeans - all this can provide any person inconvenience and significant trouble. Where does this disease come from?

Could there be an allergy to sperm

For sure questions about allergic sensitivity will not surprise anyone. Millions of people suffer from such a disease, which significantly worsens the quality of their lives. And in some patients, during the diagnosis, an allergy to ... sperm is detected. Do not be surprised, it turns out, it happens.

Tablets from allergies to the skin and other effective treatments

Today, allergic reactions, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Specialists attribute this phenomenon to one of the most serious problems. After all, such reactions can affect any organ. Most often, the allergy manifests itself as a variety of rashes on the skin. Such defects complicate the life of the patient, delivering tangible discomfort. How to overcome this disease? What are the most effective skin allergy pills?

Coffee allergy: signs, diagnosis, treatment

Hot coffee in the morning helps to finally wake up and cheer up before the work day. And who would have thought that even for this many favorite beverage there can be an unforeseen reaction of the body in the form of, for example, rash, sneezing, nasal congestion and even migraine.

Do drugs help with allergies?

A lot of people suffer from allergies. Both young children and adults are subject to it. To get rid of it, you need to take special medications for allergies.

What should be the medicine for children from allergies

Such a phenomenon as an allergy is familiar to almost all parents. Since birth, babies are exposed to the environment, which can cause negative consequences in the form of rashes, redness on the skin, itching and so on. The smallest such disease is often called diathesis. Parents should first find out the causes of the disease and consult a doctor, but do not rush to give medicine for children from allergies.

Causes, symptoms and treatment of allergic conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is a fairly common disease, with which at least once in life, a large part of the population is facing. And although most often the cause of inflammation is an infection, often the disease is an allergic reaction. Since allergic conjunctivitis is treated? What are the signs of the disease?

What to do if you are allergic to midge bite

Many are inclined to underestimate the seriousness of the consequences of contact with insects. But an allergy to the bite of midges can develop in everyone: it is very important in this situation to know what needs to be done.

Allergy: symptoms in adults

You will not surprise anyone with a disease like allergies. Symptoms in adults vary, but they can be reduced to several general indicators. This is what you can read in the provided article.

Banana allergy: symptoms, treatment

It's hard to find someone who does not like bananas. Nutritionists say that these fruits contain all the necessary nutrients for the body and can also eliminate hunger for a long time. Despite all the advantages, there is one significant drawback - an allergy to bananas. A negative reaction after eating bananas is actually extremely rare.

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