In hot climatic conditions on the territory of Central Asia, Stavropol and Krasnodar region, in Ukraine and on the Crimean peninsula, an interesting deciduous tree grows with sprawling twisted branches, with fruits similar to oranges. But these citruses often play football. They are inedible: not palatable, besides cause vomiting. If you take the hands of fruits covered with a sticky oily film, the palms become sticky and dirty. They will have to be washed for a long time.Adam's apple (маклюра): application, feedback, recipes

In different countries, the tree is called differently: God, inedible citrus, Chinese or Indian prickly orange, a tree of wasadians, a tree of onions (in England), Adam's apple, and маклюра. The application is still found to this plant.

Native expanses

McLaura - as the tree was named Scottish naturalist William Danbar, who traveled in the Mississippi Valley in 1804. His attention was attracted by bizarre fruits, now called Adam's apple (маклюра). The native land of the plant is Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas. In India and China there are also wild shekel. In the early 19th century, tree seedlings, French settlers, were brought from the American continent to Europe. In 1830, Maklura got into the famous botanical garden of Yalta - Nikitsky.

It was useful not only where it was born

How is the Adam's apple, the macluar used? The use of wood from Indians (osadzhey and Comanche) was purely practical - for making weapons, excellent bows. Valuable wood is harder than oak and its beauty, strength is not inferior to the weapon tree - tissu. Aborigines still call it the orange osagej. They are still making bows from the past. Wood is well polished, used for engraving.

With the development of the Wild West, or rather, the seizure and division of free land, the plant Adam's apple (маклюра) application was found even more. Settlers fenced the trees of the "inedible orange" their territories in the space of modern Texas, Oklahoma. The boundaries of land holdings were reliably protected by a living barbed fence (spines under the leaves up to 3 cm). Densely planted with ribbons, rapidly growing plantings served as a barrier not only for hijackers of domestic animals or fledgling herds of mustangs - even the rabbit was not easy to slip to the other side of the fence. Protected the fences from dry winds. The leaves of the tree are eaten by horses. Now they are used in decorative landscaping of cities.

Maklura with tsutrusovymi has no relationship. She is from the mulberry family, whose leaves are food for the silkworm. In the homeland of these domesticated caterpillars (in China and in India) there are plantations of cultivated macrel. The leaves of plants, which are quite large, feed these voracious insects, pulling out the finest threads of natural silk.

The Benefits of Adam's Bitter Apples

The cut fruits smell of fresh cucumbers. This smell in conjunction with caustic milky juice - an excellent repellent, repelling insects, cockroaches, for example. In mature fruits there are gray seeds - edible and tasty. After liberation from flesh and roasting, they will go for sesame seeds in culinary products.

The Adam's apple (маклюра) found application not only there where it can grow. Now his crop is in demand. They are used in non-traditional (folk) medicine. It is possible that this is the main purpose of the plant - to treat people. Official medicine has not been studied enough yet, but it recognized it as a source of nutrients, and in some countries it is used in pharmacology. It often happens that folk medicine goes to fight the diseases first.

Briefly on the chemical composition of fruits

In seeds up to 30% of fatty acids. In leaves, citric acid is up to 13%. In fruits - sugar, pectin - up to 10%, saponins, sterols. But the most useful is flavonoids (mostly kaempferol) and isoflavones. These substances actively and destructively affect cancer cells, restrain the sclerotic degeneration of body tissues. The presence of flavonoids confirms their indicator - the orange color of ripe fruit. Up to 6% is the content of isoflavones - natural phytohormones, replenishing the lack of estrogen in the female aging organism, possessing an anticarcinogenic effect, promoting metabolism (metabolism), strengthening the walls of blood vessels and regulating cardiac function.

Adam's apple (maclura) - application. Recipes

Traditional medicine practices for the recovery of the body ointment, tincture and oil, cooked from the animal.

For the general strengthening massage, with the stretching of the muscles, for the relief of joint and osteochondrosis pain, oil oil is prepared. Cut small pieces of fruits of the pastry and fill them half capacity. Pour up to the top with olive oil. Under a dense cover in the dark, infuse for 2 months. Drain the finished oil.

To prepare the ointment you will need coconut oil and maklor (Adam's apple) - tincture. Application external. The salt concretions of calcaneal spurs soften, the spinal column and joints are freed from stiffness. Intensive need to rub the sore spots with rheumatism, gout, arthritis. Drink a water infusion of a saber (for 1 cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon chopped stems, insist an hour, drink during the day). Rub cautiously into the vertebral column with intervertebral hernia. Drink tincture of alcohol fir (15 drops, diluted with water, 3 times a day). Clears the ointment of the skin from chiri, furuncles, rashes, suppurating wounds.

Adamovo apple (маклюра) is taken with the desperate cancer patients.The use of long-term courses in oncology gives hope for recovery: access to the nutrient juices of the organism for neoplasm gradually ceases, around it is a capsule that is impervious to metastasis from healthy cells. On the tight lymph nodes, inflamed places are superimposed application of the ointment - this facilitates their softening, resorption or the release of suppuration on the surface.

Tincture is prepared from fully ripened fruit collected in an environmentally safe place (away from cities and roads), cut into pieces and laid in a glass jar to the neck. Without delay, pour alcohol 50% strength and close tightly with a lid. You can drink after 8 weeks (without draining, continuing to infuse). But the best is considered a tincture of annual aging. Dosage: the first week of 3 drops 3 times a day. In each subsequent week at the reception, add 1 drop. To bring to 30 drops at the reception 3 times a day. Having drunk a week on the reached level, to go on decrease in quantity of drops - from 30 to 3. Drops to plant in water. The treatment term is long - 60 weeks.

Ointment is prepared in a proportion of 3: 1 (for 3 measures of oil, 1 part of the tincture). Oil (suitable coconut, palm, avocado) melt in a water bath and stir the tincture. Keep in the refrigerator for no longer than six months.

You can not apply ointment or oil on the breast to nursing mothers. Contraindicated in diabetes mellitus apple (маклюра). Application (reviews about these drugs on the Internet are positive) must be agreed with the doctor.