134 / acneAcne and as a result an ugly face. This is the fear of so many adolescents, because most people at this age are affected by this disease. Everyone must have heard about acne. What is it, is it a disease, and is treatment possible? Now we'll figure it out.

Probably, all teenagers heard about this term. But what does it exactly mean? In simple words, it is an infected inflammation of the human sebaceous glands. Most often this disease is manifested on the face, in more severe cases - on the neck, back and chest. On the surface of the skin, you can see both empty and purulent pimples, which in medicine are called pustules and papules. They seem to be a little reddish, like those inflamed, they are just with a red border. In the middle can be viewed white dot. It should be noted that these pimples are most often painful, even if you just touch them. Acne also includes non-inflamed black dots - comedones, which, however, if they are not removed in time, can also become inflamed and grow into purulent pimples.

So, knowing about the concept of "acne" - what it is, and how this disease manifests itself, we need to understand what is the cause of these unpleasant pimples. It's all about the blockage of the sebaceous-ductal ducts. There may be several reasons for this. The problem can arise if you do not cleanse your face when the sebaceous glands are too active, then the ducts become blocked, and inflammation occurs. Also, a person can become soiled with ordinary dust, small particles that are in the air, with dead skin particles. With improper or inadequate care, all this remains on the face and leads to the appearance of a disease such as acne. What is it, not by hearsay and almost all teenagers know. After all, during puberty there are various hormonal bursts, as a consequence - the appearance of acne and acne on the face.

Some more reasons for acne

Knowing about acne - what it is and how often this disease occurs in adolescents, we need to consider other causes of acne. So, they can arise because of improper operation of the internal organs of a person, with chronic diseases of the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal tract, the gallbladder. This disease also appears with improper or excessive consumption of sweet and flour products with a lot of different "bad" E-elements. Appear acne during stressful situations, depression, unstable nervous system. Well, as a result of improper or illiterate use of cosmetics for facial skin care.

But are there ways how to get rid of acne? Of course! First and foremost, it is better to prevent the appearance of this disease, properly caring for the skin of the face from the earliest years. Washing, the use of tonics and cleansing masks - that's the guarantee of clean and beautiful skin. You should pay special attention to nutrition, because it also affects the presence of acne on the face. It would be nice to get rid of bad habits, such as alcoholism and smoking, because they disrupt the body as a whole, and this, as mentioned above, is fraught with the appearance of chronic diseases and as a result of acne. Among more radical methods - laser treatment of acne, which is also very popular and brings excellent results. But it should be noted that this procedure is not very cheap and it is better not to run your health to a state where such intervention may be required.